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The X Factor competition is one of the most hotly anticipated TV talent shows in the UK, always producing some top pop star talent (and a few comedy acts!) every year without fail; 2012 is no exception. It’s one of those shows which tops the TV ratings year in, year out, overloads Twitter and has been a massive success since its launch in 2004.

However as we know, it is not only the contestants and their talent which entertains us… it is the massive competitions & prize draws the show offers to us, the viewers at home!

From the comfort of your sofa, you have the chance of free entry to one of the biggest UK itv competitions (so long as you enter online and not via phone / text). Simply watch the show and the viewer competition is usually announced towards the end.

But if you miss it, don’t worry as we’ll post all the details here on itvcompetitions.co.uk for you to enter when you’re ready!

X Factor Competition 2012 : Latest Questions

X-Factor competition – win £50,000 + Simon Cowell’s mini (closes 29 Dec 14)

Postal Entry – send your NAME & TELEPHONE NUMBER on a postcard or on or within an envelope to: TXF1108, PO Box 7558, DE1...

X Factor competition – win £20k cash + Range Rover – Closes 18/12/14

Postal Entry – send your entry on a postcard or on or within an envelope to TXF1107, PO Box 7558, DE1 0NQ. This is...

This Morning Competition £20k, a new BMW + gadgets galore – ends 2/4/15

No question to answer. Win £20,000 in tax free cash, BMW and a Mulberry / Apple gift and gadget package. £35,00 in tax free...

The latest questions and answers to all the biggest TV competitions can be found here.

How Does The X Factor Competition Work?

This is another itv competition and works in a similar manner to all the others; a simple question with three multiple choice answers is announced on the show. You then call a number, send a test or go online to submit your answer. The only difficult bit is if you miss the question & answers – because they do not repeat these on the phone lines or on the website.

Thats where we come in. At ITV competitions we publish the best TV competitions and internet competitions, we also provide the question & answer for any competitions which you may need in order to enter ie. TV shows that you may have missed. So don’t panic if you miss the X Factor competition or any others – just swing by and pick up the links, questions & answers to all your favourite TV comps!

The other thing is that with these competitions you can usually enter more than once; at the time of writing you can enter up to six times for every phone number, however we recommend checking out the T&Cs before entering as they do change.

Where Did The X Factor Come From?

Simon Cowell brought XFactor to us in Autumn 2004 an has become the greatest pop star talent show in the world. It is judged by a panel of superstar judges, including Cowell himself and the audience/viewers and there have been other series all over the world including the USA and Australia. After getting through the initial “audition” stages of the contest, the wannabes head off to “boot camp” with one of the judges and are intensively mentored and return for a series of live shows. The overall winner is awarded a huge, £1,000,000 life-changing record deal.

That’s roughly it – if you want to know more wikipedia have a huge amount of information on all the shows, judges, winners etc!

X Factor competition prize example

X Factor competition prize example


What Prizes Can Be Won By Viewers?

It’s all well & good that the X Factor competition winner gets a £1,000,000 recording deal, however what prizes can the viewer win? The general format for the viewer competitions has been fairly similar over the recent past; £10,000 cash plus a massive trip to a concert (sometimes the X Factor itself). This won’t be an ordinary coach-trip to a gig; its first class all the way baby! Treated like stars and the best tickets in town, sometimes even a luxury holiday thrown in too!

Example Of An X Factor Competition Prize >>

Best of luck with your X Factor competition entry!

Remember: enter the maximum number of times allowed to increase your chances of winning.

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TV Competitions

Did you know the UK have the biggest free entry television viewer competitions in the world?

Weekly prize draws and competitions often top a quarter of a million pounds in cash prizes, holidays, gadgets and cars, with television station itv being the most generous.

Most TV programmes have a free online entry format, however some (such as Channel 5) do not & entry must be made by expensive sms or postcard

We post free entry internet & tv competitions here daily so keep an eye out!

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