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The ITV Competitions infograph on TV Competitions

So here we have our first infograph showing some basic information on TV competitions in the UK. The info graph breaks down a selection of some of the top TV shows in the UK that host competitions, prize draws and contests…letting you see who offers the biggest prizes!

ITV Competitions - TV competitions infograph

TV Chat shows

As you can see chat shows have the edge in terms of competitions and prize draws..taking up around 40% in the prize pool. Shows such as Daybreak, Lorraine, Loose Women and This Morning are on TV daily, and often offer huge prizes, hence the larger share of the pie.

TV Gameshows

Gameshows come in a close second with around 35%. Although not so frequent, TV talent contests such as Britain’s Got Talent, X Factor and regular gameshows like Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, The Cube and Tipping Point often have massive prizes – even if they are only on show once a week &/or prizes last a month.
It’s still big cash!

Lifestyle Programmes

The prizes may be smaller, but it all adds up! The Gadget Show, Secret Dealers and Dickinson’s Real Deal are TV regulars, often giving away +£20,000 in cash prizes weekly. They scoop around 25% of the pie.

Top TV Competition Shows

We’ve shown just a few of our favourites, but it’s interesting to see who is giving the biggest prizes throughout the period of a year. Daybreak / Lorraine are only narrowly beaten by the This Morning competition – which regularly has massive prize draws consisting of cash, gadgets, cars and even mortgage repayments!

Keep an eye out for more info graphs coming over the next few months!

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TV Competitions

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