Xfactor – Double Audition Weekend 2 – 7th/8th Sep Round-up

X-Factor – Weekend 2 7th/8th Sep

X Factor 2013 : Week 2 Roundup

1/ Shelly Smith

Shelly 34  is a White van driver,  with a little daughter, Madeline, 7
Wow what a voice you’ve got” – Gary

1st Audition: Aretha Franklin – ‘You make me feel like
2nd Audition: Nina Simone – ‘Feeling good
Great audience response, standing applause from Nicole

  • Now thats a pussycat doll if ever I saw one” – Nicole
  • You are so sassy” – Sharon
  • You’ve got the talent, you’ve got it all” – Louis

2/ Jade Richards

Jade 23 from Fife, Unemploted – This is 3rd time auditioning for the Xfactor, She was lucky enough to make it through to Kelly Rowlands house in 2011. She walked on stage with a new look, with hair extensions, and 4 stone lighter. She looked nervous as she performed, but the audience responded positively.

1st Audition: Bruno Mars – ‘When I was your man
2nd Audition: Amy Winehouse – ‘Back to Black

  • theres no climax to it” – Gary
  • when you perform you disconnect from the audience, theres no passion, theres no fire inside you” – Sharon
  • I’m gonna give you a chance and say yes” – Louis

She got 4 yes’s after doubts from the judges who believe in her vocal ability.

3/ Melanie McCabeMelanie McCabe

Melanie is 19, a student from Dublin
She’s tried out 4 times for the Xfactor. In 2011 she got to Kelly Rowlands house in Miami.

1st Audition: Rhianna – ‘Diamonds’
2nd Audition: David Guetta – ‘Titanium’

After a false start, she sang impressively getting a great audience response.

  • I think you’re sensational” – Sharon
  • great stage presence” – Gary
  • Effortless Control” – Nicole
  • I think you’re a star, and its not cos your from Dublin” – Louis

4/ Barclay Beales

Yodelling Barclay, 17 from Devon, 1st yodelling star in Xfactor. Sang his own Yodelling song in the 1st audition
2nd Audition: One Direction – ‘What makes you beautiful’
Again he made an impression on Xfactor judge Nicole, who got up dancing to his unique yodelling style!

  • Love a good Yodel“, “that was awesome, good job” – Nicole
  • When you sing in your own voice, its not as impressive” – Gary
  • Back it up with that voice” – Sharon

5/ Luke Friend

Luke Friend, 17 from Devon. Hadn’t washed his hair in 9 months, donning a head of Dreadlocks
1st Audition: ‘Stand by Me’ Got through with 4 yes’s

6/ Tom Mann

Tom Mann, 19, Southampton

1st Audition: Passenger – ‘Let her Go
2nd Audition: Little Mix – ‘How Ya Doin
Well groomed young Mann got through with 4 yes’s

  • Grate in your voice, the girls just go crazy for” – Nicole

7/ Relley C

Relley is a houseKeeper from Birmingham
With a great sense of style with Half white, half black hair, happy go lucky Relley made an impression with her 1st audition “no more housekeeping” – Louis

1st Audition: Swedish House Mafia – ‘Don’t you Worry Child
2nd Audition: Chase & Status – ‘Blind Faith

She failed to impress with her 2nd audition, but the judges once again saw something in Relley, and knew they had to bring her back “We can see potential in people, I can see a good singer under there” – Gary
She’s lucky today, it did not translate today” – Nicole
Given a 2nd chance to come back fighting at Boot camp

8/ Abi Alton

Abi Alton, 18, Guisborough – Song writer

Abi Alton

1st Audition: Dixie Chicks – ‘Travelin’ Soldier

Singing an original song for her second audition with her acoustic car. With flowers in her hair she got a standing ovation from the audition, as she broke into tears and tanked the crowd.

  • What an incredible audition that was” – Gary
  • Your so courageous”, “angelic songbird” – Nicole
  • you look amazing” – Louis
  • I love you Abi very much” – Sharon

The ones who didnt make it

The Dolly Rockers – 22-26years old:
Got to Louis house in 2007, came back with one new girl in the lineup but unfortunately didn’t get make it through this round
“you’d need to make drastic changes for it to work” – Gary

Euphoria Girls, 17
Dancing their way through their first auditions, like something from a kids party, they practiced being more edgy for their second performance

1st Audition: The Nolans – “I’m in the Mood
2nd Audition: Icona Pop – “I love it

Again they had a dance performance routine for their second performance, with Gary stopping it halfway through, they didn’t get the best audience reception
Its not what I had in mind” – Nicole
Louis enjoyed the performance relating it to the Spice Girls