X Factor judges are pushing the show over the budget


The X Factor judges have made salary demands with seven figures, starting a battle with the show’s bosses, because apparently they are pushing the show over the budget.

Sharon Osbourne, who might return on the show after six years wants a salary between £1.5 million and £2 million. Gary Barlow wants a raise, up to £ 1.5 million, after talking with Simon Cowell and agreeing to return as judge. Nicole Scherzinger is also holding strong, demanding £1.5 million as well, plus she wants to fly her stylist and make up team all the way from US, every time it’s needed.  Louis Walsh, who will start his tenth year on the show after pal Simon Cowell fought for him, has a £ 1 million deal.

Last year’s panel cost lot less: Tulisa Contostavlos was earning £ 450,000 and Nicole £750,000. An inside source has declared that ITV doesn’t want to increase the £33 million budget that was set up three years ago, and intense negotiations will take place between the X Factor chief Richard Holloway and ITV boss Peter Fincham. The ITV boss is eager to sign the judges as quickly as possible so they can start planning the auditions.

Producers know it will cost significantly more than last year. If there’s a hold-up, it could mean someone is not given a judging role and it’s back to the drawing board, the insider source said. So far the judges’ return is worth £ 6 million, and producers were aware of the fact that it will cost them more this year. But they didn’t expect this bill.

In the judges’ defense  they asked for a decent pay if we look at some of the highest paid celebrity judges. For example, Mariah Carey is earning $ 18 million for her judging role on American Idol, after replacing Jennifer Lopez. Howard Stern is next in line with $15 million for saying what he thinks (as he usually does) at America’s Got Talent.  Britney Spears is on the same position, with $15 million in her pockets for her last year role on X Factor USA. Even though she was there just for a season, she secured a pretty good deal. Her old time rival Christina Aguilera is making a bit of cash out of her role as coach and mentor on The Voice, $ 10 million to be more precise. Following is Nicki Minaj with $ 8 million on American Idol and Adam Levine with $100,000 per episode on The Voice. And on top of everyone there is Simon Cowell, who has a fortune of £225 million, after being on American Idol for some years, than moving on to X Factor UK, Britain’s Got Talent and most recently, X Factor USA.