X Factor bosses deny the poor audition turnouts


Recent reports have claimed that X Factor got off in a very bad start, with only few people showing up for the pre-auditions, so the show makers have stepped in to share their point of view.

Last week only 22 people showed up at a local audition in Essex, and 30 at the audition in North Wales, but the producers insist that the low numbers were totally expected.

The X Factor mobile auditions which have recently taken place are on a much smaller scale than the open auditions which start this month. The numbers attending the mobile auditions have varied from location to location and are on a par with last year when we first found our winner James Arthur, a spokesperson declared. These ‘mobile’ auditions give people a chance from around the country who may not be able to get to the bigger auditions. The X Factor is way bigger than it was when it first started and this is in no way indicative of a decline in popularity.

For the mobile, the highest we have had was in Great Yarmouth and Hull, where we had about 100 people attending. The lowest was Colchester with only 22, so the numbers do vary from location to location. But applications are in the thousands and are strong and healthy this year.

The X Factor producers also revealed that they have received thousands of applications for the upcoming new series, and they had to refuse many contestants from Dublin and Cork auditions. The score will be settled with the start of the open auditions later this month but with The Voice back in the picture appears a new challenge to conquer viewers.