X Factor auditions go a-cappella

X Factor Auditions

Simon Cowell has decided that this year’s auditions need to go back to basics, to bring something fresh to the show, after losing two million viewers last season. So the participants will have to sing in an intimate setting, performing a-cappella, without any backing tracks, just like in the beginning. Those who make it will have to impress the judges one more time, but this time in front of a live public, before they will be sent to the Boot Camp. The audition rooms will be one of the exciting changes the producers have prepared for the upcoming season.

A source for the show has declared: Fans wanted changes this year — and we’re giving them what they want. The a-cappella auditions were classic X Factor and really gave the judges an insight into whether acts were any good. It also better showcased some of the weird and wacky people we get, whose performances got lost in the arena auditions. The plan is to have the best of both worlds. Another source told The Mirror that: Some of the best moments ever on the show happened in those intimate auditions in front of the judges so we want to bring that back.

Bigger isn’t always better and we hope to get more interaction with the judges and more poignant moments this way. There is also less pressure on singers in their first audition which could bring out the best and some new singers who were scared of auditioning in arenas.

The X Factor producers abandoned the old format of the auditions in 2009, because they wanted to make an event out of the auditions. This worked for the first two years, but after a while they kept losing viewers. The 2010 finale, won by Matt Cardle was watched by 20 million people, a record for the show.

The new format was discussed at a meeting of the top executives last week, when they also talked about bringing back Sharon Osbourne on the panel. There will be some other tweaks, like moving the starting date later, in early September.