Will Nicole do X Factor 2014?

Who will this year’s X Factor judges be?


2013 X Factor didn’t fail to surprise us, make us laugh and tug at our heart strings. Of course it is the performers, the contestants that make the show. These are the people we fall in love with, or who make us laugh, or who make us cry, feel angry, inspire us to pick up the phone and vite.

However we can’t forget the important part that the judges play in this fantastic TV competition. Not only to the contestants rely on the judges but we also can’t wait to see them emerge onto the stage each week with their fabulous outfits, temper tantrums, bickering, and of course their comments both good and bad.

When X Factor first graced our TV screens Simon, Louis and Sharon all provided the entertainment and their on screen energy made the X Factor what it was. Over the years several judges have come and gone including Girls Aloud star Cheryl Cole, controversial singer Tulsa, Gary Barlow, and of course Nicole. In fact it is only Louis Walsh who has remained a judge through all of the series.

Simon Cowell, 54 is no fool and knows that selecting the judges are almost as important as selecting the contestants and it can make a huge difference to the ratings depending on who the juding panel are. How knows how popular Nicole Scherzinger has been with audiences both young and old and so its reported that he will happily spend a pretty penny getting Nicole to confirm she will be taking her seat back on the judging panel in 2014.

Of course Sherzinger has other commitments her being a extrememly successful pop star in her own right, however it is rumoured that Cowell is so keen to have her back that he will even move the audition dates around to fit in with the superstars promotion of her brand new album.

With Gary Barlow bowing out it’s anyone’s guess who the new judges will be? We can’t wait to find out!

Image courtesy of Wikipedia.org