What is the best thing about itv competitions

What is the best thing about the itv competitions? The grand prizes indeed! There is something for everyone as prizes in itv competitions. Here are some of the best competitions at ITV:

1) Win a brand new fridge from Beko

Yes, the summer time is here and if you need to buy a new fridge then why don’t win it instead of buying. The Beko’s GNE114610APX is one of the best fridges on the market. It has a huge capacity of 610 liters and so you will have plenty of space in there for holding your burgers and drinks. With a touch of a button you can even switch between the fridge and the freezer. All these features in this fridge could be used by you if you will win this fridge at itv competitions. You will have to answer one simple question for that though.

Here is the question: “Which of the given items is considered as a fruit in scientific terms?-

A) Tomato
B) Carrot
C) Broccoli”.

If you could answer the above question correctly then you will have the chance to win this exciting fridge. In order to submit your answer you will have to the official ITV website as well.

2) Win a mini cooper

Yes! You can even win a mini cooper at ITV and once again you don’t need to put a heavy investment to it. All you need to do in order to participate in the content is just fill a simple form. After that you will have to put your details to participate in other similar competitions and once you are done with this then eventually you will have completed the procedure. Afterwards it would just depend on your luck whether you will win the cooper or not.

3) Win a pair of ugg boots

With the help of ITV competitions you can even win a pair of ugg boots and you will get the chance for that every single month. This means you will have plenty of chances. Isn’t this such a great thing?the procedure to participate is again the same. You will have to submit your details through a form and after then you will have to read a little more about other competitions and once you are done with it you will see that you have participated in the competition.

More about ITV

Example of an itv competitions question

ITV launched about 4-5 channels in its lifetime and all of them are named as ITV 1, ITV 2 etc. You will find various competition programmes on these channels. You can refer to the TV guide from their website to know more about the total channels and related shows where you could find competitions. Since they show assorted programmes according to the viewers taste and preferences you have to find those which you think you might love. Some of the competitions are in fact, dependent on the show. For example, a show like X factor sometimes has questions which are related to the show – they can be found on itv.com

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