We’ve got a long wait for the next season of ITV’s The Cube

Philip Schofield
Philip Schofield


We miss The Cube!

It feels like ages ago that the last series of The Cube ended. The last episode aired back in June 2013 and we have a long old wait until any more new episodes will be shown.

But last season, well what a season it was! The Cube is a fantastic programme and one of the best game shows there is. Contestants try to beat The Cube in a series of increasingly difficult physical and mental challenges which require balance, precision and memory.

The show first aired in 2009 with presenter Philip Schofield making it an instant hit. The Cube is one of the biggest potential money winners with a top prize of £250,000 if you can beatTthe Cube. In each round the contestant is shown the game first and they get to decide whether or not they wish to take part. They have 8 lives and lose a life each time they are unable to complete the task. The atmosphere is intense with a live audience and the contestants friends and family members all watching. It is the collective willingness for the person to do  that makes The Cube really stand out from other game shows.

People who are watching at home also get a chance to win with each episode having a competition where viewers are shown a game and have to answer a question about it. Three options are given and those who call or text in with the correct answer will then be in the running to win a large amount of money. Previous amounts have been around £17,000.

Gamers and those who are truly obsessed with the Cube can now even play it themselves with a new version of the game that has been released. Players can test their skills in over 21 Cube-like games in a 3D like atmosphere –it’s almost as good as being in the real thing! Be warned however, very few people actually beat the cube. In fact only British Olympian Mo Farah has managed to do it. In a special celebrity episode he completed  all of the games with lives to spare. But trust us it is not as easy as he made it look.

Well until the new season comes out perhaps we shall just practice our skills playing the game and perhaps one day even apply to go on it!

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