TV Competitions – How to Increase Your Chances of Winning!

TV competitions are usually one of the best types of competitions that are out there at the moment, since most of them give away great prizes such as a brand new car, enough money to pay off your mortgage for a year and so on. One particular UK television station that runs some great competitions is ITV, but there are also many other stations that do the same. So, if you’d love to win something fantastic from TV competitions, here are some ways that you can increase your chances of winning without too much effort:

TV competitions
You gotta be in to win!
  • Enter All Competitions – Let’s say a TV station has one competition where you can win £10,000 and they’re also running another competition that you can win a brand new mobile phone in. Since the majority of people would rather the money (obviously!) there will be a lot more people entering into the competition to get the money which in turn means that your chances of winning are smaller. So, make sure that you enter as many competitions as possible, even if the prize wouldn’t necessarily change your life! After all, it’s better than nothing, right?
  • Online Entry – When most people think about TV competitions, they assume that you can only enter by calling into the station or even texting them. However, pretty much all stations now allow you to enter online too which can really come in handy if you don’t have any credit or whatever. Another good thing about online entries is that they are normally free of charge so no need to spend a penny!
  • The More the Better – As with all competitions, the more entries that you have the bigger your chances are of winning. So, why not get a few family members or friends to enter the competition as well if you really want to win the prize? And as we mentioned above about TV competitions, a lot of them let you enter online for free MULTIPLE TIMES so you could easily enter more than once. Just make sure that you give them real information just in case you win, such as name, address, phone number etc…and always be sure to check the T&Cs.
  • Extra Effort – Although most TV competitions are fairly simple (such as what’s the correct answer to an incredibly easy question) there are some competitions which will take up more time. This might sound bad if you want to enter a prize draw, but it’s actually good news! The reason behind this is because so many people are too lazy to do anything more than texting/calling in to give the correct answer, which means very few people that are watching will actually enter the competition. So, it’s actually worth doing all that extra stuff such as taking a photograph, writing a short story and so on. Always remember, the less people that can be bothered to enter the more likely that you’ll win the competition!

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