Tom Daley would like to see Louis Walsh do a ‘Splash’

Tom Daley
Tom Daley (Source: Belfast Telegraph)

Asked about who would be his ideal contestant at Splash, Tom Daley revealed that he would like to see Louis Walsh in his speedos. After the Nickleodeon Kids’Choice Awards in LA, he talked with a columnist from Digital Spy about the return of his show.

He is very excited that the show was renewed for a second series and wants to continue improving it and make it reach higher ratings: I’m really excited. The first series did pretty well and I’m looking forward to doing it again, improving it and making it even better, and to see if we can get the viewing figures up even more.

He went on and made a list of names that would he like to see on the next series, and his top choice was Louis Walsh. Someone said to me a few months ago about how hilarious it would be to see Louis Walsh doing it, and ever since I’ve had an image of seeing Louis Walsh trying to dive off a board. He would be funny to try and teach how to dive! Louis Walsh in his Speedos!  Tom said.

Next on his list would Paul Gascoigne and Sarah Harding. It’d be really interesting to have Gazza on, definitely. And Sarah Harding too. I don’t know how good they’d be, though. They either get it or they don’t.

Tom also discussed about his future in television, saying that he would like to do children television, because he doesn’t want to do something too serious: Yeah, I wouldn’t want to do anything too serious. I’d want to do something more light-hearted and fun. I wouldn’t want to take it too seriously, like news reading.