This week on the Big Reunion

As the Big Reunion concert was approaching, the emotions were starting to grow. The pressure was starting to get heavy on some of the popstars, like Atomic Kitten’s Kerry Katona or 5ive’s Sean Conlon.

Sean, suffered a serious nervous breakdown in 2001, when the band split, was trying now to cope  with his nerves again. Sean was always open about his emotions with his band mates but at their last studio rehearsal it was quite clear that he wasn’t ‘in the zone’. At some point he walked out of the studio and went to take a breath on the building stairs. He explained: Everything I felt in the past is coming back. I said to Abs earlier I can feel something happening. He said just walk out so you don’t cause a scene. He continued getting teary eyed: It’s a lot of the pain from the past and the old Shaun. Just crying it out… The guys stop to see what’s happening and Abs decides to go and talk to Sean. A bit of your old self creeps up… I know it can be tough. I’m there for you. Don’t ever think you’re on your own , he reassured Sean.

Meanwhile Kerry Katona  had her own crisis, but it was concerning fashion. She was totally displeased by her ‘boiler suit’ outfit, compared to the other Atomic Kitten ladies, saying that she looks like a ‘binman’. Talking to the backstage cameras she continued: I know I’ve got a shaved head… but I look like a lesbian in it. Not that there’s anything wrong with being a lesbian. I just don’t want to look like one. But she wasn’t the only Atomic Kitten to have negative feelings. Liz declared she was totally terrified by the ‘mechanical toasters’, meaning the raised stage platforms that lift the bands, making them pop on stage. She said that she’s very nervous because those things are fast.


It seems that she had a reason to feel anxious because the mechanical toasters were the cause of 911’s Spike Dawburn’s injury. Spike had already a vulnerable ankle after an old injury, but he hurt it even more when he had to pop on stage. He had to step down and sit, leaving his Lee Brennan and Jimmy Constable to keep on singing.

Liberty X had some worries of their own, as one their members- Tony Lundon, almost didn’t show up to the rehearsals. Tony’s wife gave birth before her time, and so Tony was held at the hospital. But fortunately, he was able to return just in time for the rehearsals. Also, on this Thursday episode, Michelle Heaton from Liberty X , admitted  her brief relationship with Duncan James from Blue. He then joked that Me and Michelle had a little thing… she turned me gay.

Duncan also opened up about what he’s been through before coming out about his sexuality, in 2009. Being brought up a strict Catholic, being gay was wrong…. Being in the band, being around other gay guys, kind of made me realise it was OK.I had a secret undercover relationship with one of my dancers and I couldn’t tell anybody. I couldn’t tell anyone. I went about 3 years of not telling anybody. I was confused. I was still sleeping with girls. He was heartbroken. He couldn’t be with me anymore. It was when he was gone out of my life, I realised who I was, Duncan recalled.