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Ever since “back in the day”, when Richard and Judy were the presenters and the weather was announced on a great big floating map, the UK has had a massive soft spot for ITV’s This Morning breakfast-ish show. Characterised by fantastic presenters, giggles and the massive This Morning competition prize draw, Thismorning continues to be a popular television show across the UK.

Nearly every week there is a new prize up for grabs as the This Morning competition announces another massive prize draw. Sometimes the prizes are so big they span several weeks. This is usually the case for biggies such as mortgage repayments or large cash prizes, and can be worth more than £100k!

Most of the time the This Morning competition is via a question/answer, but sometimes it is a simple prize draw…

Latest This Morning Competitions


We bring you the question, answer & links so you can easily enter the competition at your leisure!

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This Morning floating map
Do you remember the floating map? (image by wikipedia)

If there is a question, the answer is always very easy and in an itv “multiple choice” A,B or C format. However quite often you miss the question, or perhaps you work & cannot get to watch the show. We at ITV competitions make it easy for you to enter by posting all the This Morning competitions in one place…making it much easier for you to find and enter the competitions.

Save Money – Enter Online

There are several ways you can enter the This Morning competition, however the only free method is online at If you enter by telephone or text message you can expect to pay around £1.50, but if you enter online is is completely free – all you need is an internet connection (& often some patience; the website is big & it can be difficult to find what you’re looking for). Another advantage of entering online is that they give you extra time – so no excuses for missing it!

This Morning Allows Multiple Entries

Although terms and conditions do change, and they can change from week-to-week, most this morning competitions offer the chance to enter more than once. At the time of writing this article allowed “up to 6 entries per phone number”. We recommend you always check the T&Cs before entering competitions. You can find a list of all competitions T&Cs here. It’s worth entering as many times as you can; each entry increases the odds of a win!

Some competitions don’t have questions – this is one of them!

The Prizes

This Morning is one of the monster TV competitions. The prizes on offer are always massive; often worth in excess of £50,000, and rarely worth less than £30,000. Entering This Morning competition is like being given free tickets to a mini-lottery; that’s how great the prizes are. We’re talking luxury all-inclusive holidays, tax-free cash, sports cars and family saloons, bags full of the latest gadgets and slightly more random prizes such as campervans. Larger prizes, in excess of around £30,000 often span a number of weeks.

As you can see, This Morning is light-hearted, you can view some videos here. There are many times through out the history of the show when fits of giggles took over the presenters…it’s this light heartedness which makes us enjoy the show so much. Does anyone remember the naked streaker on the This Morning weather map? I was only a kid, but I remember it clearly; classic!!

This Morning Competition Winners

As with all competitions, the This Morning show publish many of their winners directly on their website. They come from all over the UK; England, Scotland, Wales & Northern Ireland. Next time it could be you…so if you have a name, address, email & phone number be sure to enter the This morning competition every week!