This Morning competition – a 6 person trip to New York + £20,000 cash

This Morning competition - 22nd October 2012
This Morning competition question – 22nd October 2012

The closing date for online entries is 2nd November 2012 at 7.30am

Complete the title of the 1999 film “When Harry met…”?

A: Sally
B: Sarah
C: Suzanne

– we think A!

Win a five star trip to New York for you and five friends including luxury dinner and shopping trip.

Enter This Morning Competition 6 times

Yes – enter for free six times per phone number via competitions. You can also enter six times per phone number using other methods (sms text message and telephone call), however these are not free. Take an extra few minutes to increase your chances of winning.

Win a Holiday to New York

The New York holiday is something special…its for 6 people in a 5* hotel + loads of extras! How much would your friends love you?!?! Not only will you have 3  double or twin rooms but you’ll also have a 4 course tasting meal at Michelin Star Eleven Madison Park and a limousine tour. The winner will also receive a shopping experience.

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This Morning had the best X Factor coverage, including  their interview with X Factors MK1 who felt they left the show earlier than they should have – and we agree. Perhaps the X Factor audience is not quite ready for such a non-conservative act?

Mystery antiques that David Dickinson (Real Deal) would have been proud of and a first edition Harry Potter book worth £3000. This Morning also further discussed lottery winners & we discovered the most popular item to purchase with the prize money was a hot tub!

The news followed suit to that of earlier ITV shows, including an interview with BBCs Jimmy Savile’s great nice and other stories of despicable behaviour towards minors. There was also a lot of Twitter discussion and that of “trolls” who torment, bully and aim to cause pain (with reference to Adele and some of the X Factor contestants) which led on to “free speech” and how it can be dealt with (inconclusive).

We did love the story of the lady requesting a night time “watch owl”; someone to dress in an owl suit and watch her as she sleeps. weird.

This Morning Competition Recap

The competition was presented by a rather bizarre Statue of Liberty and the prize is a luxury New York trip for 6 people plus £20,000 cash. You can enter the ITV This Morning competition six times per phone number for free at

Good Luck

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