The ITV Series Ruby Skye PI is a Ruby in the Rough

The ITV series, “Ruby Skype PI”  is a very good young “tween” show that is gaining popularity.  The show tries to guide these young people into making the right decisions at the point in their lives where they are starting to gain independence.  It’s good to have a show that actually tries to cultivate good decisions and good habits rather than most that ride the current trend of social upheaval.

Ruby Skye PI a Ruby in the Rough

Few demographics are prone to as much scrutiny as tweens, that impressionable age group of nine to twelve year olds experiencing their first pangs of independence, yet still wholly reliant on mom and dad. Not quite past puberty, the tween, or “in-between” kid conjures up images of falsetto boy bands, ruthless social cliques, and heartthrob vampires.

Tweens are at the age of first assertions: romantically, stylistically, socially, musically, and even professionally. They’re constantly seeking out external influencers to help them create their own identities, making them extremely suggestible.

It’s why strong role models are important, and unfortunately why clever marketing campaigns suggesting highly coveted, but just out of range notions of violence, sexuality, and status are so effective. “Too old for toys, too young for boys,” as the aphorism goes.

In today’s interactive media landscape where virtually any content is accessible to any age group that knows where to look, gems like KoldCast TV’s Ruby Skye, P.I., an award-winning Internet TV series about a clever young detective and her equally insightful friends, is not only a qualitative departure from exploitative fare, but a vital one.

You are watching Episode 1 of Ruby Skye, P.I.
“Chapter 1: Animal Farm”

New age scams meet old school detective work.
Episode 2 of Ruby Skye, P.I. “Kay Eye Ess Ess…”

The series speaks in the idioms of modern tween culture without shooting for a lowest common denominator. Technologically savvy, emotionally complex, and intellectually substantive, Ruby Skye, P.I. gives us something that no other show does: characters that a young audience can admire for the right reasons.

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In the ITV series Ruby Skye PI, you won’t find binge drinkers and con artists as the main characters, but you will find some wholesome kids that are learning how to live. If you have kids that age, check it out for yourself and see if it’s something your kids would benefit from watching.