The Ice Cream Girls, ITV, with Jodhi May

The Ice Cream Girls is a three-part drama about two teenage girls who witnessed a murder and how the press dubbed them. It’s sure to attract a large teen viewing audience and will aire sometime starting the week of April 13, 2013.  But this drama takes place 17 years later. For those who are familiar with Dorothy Koomson, this drama is derived from one of her best-sellers.

Ice Cream Girls

ITV: week of 13 April, day and time to be announced 

Story: Two vulnerable teenage girls are accused of murdering their schoolteacher in the summer of 1995.  For seventeen years, the two girls go their separate ways, Poppy having been charged with the murder, while Serena has married a doctor and started a family. Now in 2013, their paths cross again.

ITV is flush with excellent crime dramas in April. During the week of 13 April it will be showing Scott & BaileyBroadchurch will be nearing its finale and Endeavourand The Ice Cream Girls will be launching.

The latter is a three-part drama derived from a bestseller by Dorothy Koomson. The Ice Cream Girls is how the press dubbed the two teenage girls who were the only witnesses to a murder, Serena and Poppy having briefly been friends during the summer of 1995.

Poppy and Serena are back in town Seventeen years later, Serena is disturbed by a love affair she had then with her teacher, Marcus Hansley, a passion that ended in murder. Serena fled the seaside town of her youth and moved to Leeds, where she married a doctor and had a daughter.

As the drama begins, Serena moves back home with her family to help her sister cope with her ailing mother. She is on edge, haunted by the past.

It just so happens that Poppy is finishing her sentence for murder and is about to return home too. She is also plagued by what occurred all those years before, and wants to confront Serena and the tragic events that bound them together. Everyone thinks Poppy murdered the teacher, but did she? That’s the question hanging over their lives.

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How does the Ice Cream Girls sound to you?  Will you be watching? ITV is coming out with some really interesting dramas these days; which are your favourites?