The Dancing on Ice couple, Samia and Sylvain make their first public appearance as a couple


First they posed semi-nude for a magazine as a confirmation of their relationship and now Samia Ghadie and Sylvain Longchambon have made their first public outing as an item, at Samia’s Coronation Street colleague Helen Worth.  The Dancing on Ice partners have put on their finest attire and faced, holding hands, the photographers outside the St. James’ Church in London.

Helen Worth, or Gail Platt in Coronation  Street, has married her seven-year younger fiancé, the music teacher Trevor Dawson, wearing a beautiful silver dress.

In an interview for OK! Magazine, the couple opened up about their relationship and decided to go almost naked for the photoshoot. Samia talked about the difficult period they had to face , after Sylvian broke-up with his ex-girlfriend (who he also met on Dancing on Ice), Jennifer Metcalfe:  A few of Jennifer’s friends targeted me on Twitter and sent the most vile tweets you can ever imagine… I knew that I hadn’t done anything wrong. People thought we had been having an affair behind her back that I had stolen her man, and it absolutely wasn’t true, the actress claimed. What should Sylvain have done? Should he have stayed with Jennifer even if he wasn’t happy? Samia, mother of one, also broke up with her boyfriend, the actor Will Thorp, right before she joined Dancing on Ice. But now, the two are more in love than ever and they revealed they are also discussing the possibility of getting married.

However, for this wedding, Samia opted to wear a patterned yellow and brown dress, while Sylvian looked dapper in a grey suit. Samia also took the occasion to also show her new acquisition: her boob job. She attracted the attention with her boosted cleavage, which reportedly cost her £4,000.

According to The Sun, Samia went from A cup to C cup, as a confidence boost, because ever since she gave birth to her daughter she has been feeling self-conscious about her cleavage. A source told the paper: Samia has gone up a few sizes as a confidence boost. She’s not trying to be the new Jordan. She’s pleased with the results and has never felt sexier. Samia herself has admitted in an interview that she needed extra padding for her Dancing On Ice costumes: My boobs have all but disappeared! I’ve asked them to put extra padding in the bras of all my costumes. I’m not trying to be the show’s sex symbol. Pamela Anderson might have had the edge on me in that department. That’s why I’ve asked for the extra padding.