The Chase Competition – win cash : £7,000

The Chase competition question - 19.11.12
The Chase competition question – 19.11.12

The closing date for online entries is the 29th of November 2012 at 10am

The maple leaf is the national symbol of what country?

A: Germany
B: Australia
C: Canada

– we think C!

Enter The Chase competition 3 times per phone number

Remember you can enter the Chase competition for free using the online method at competitions. Entering the competition via sms message or telephone call will cost in excess of £1.


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The Chase Competition Questions (For Contestants)

This week we thought we’d do something different & type up some of the questions from the Chase as faced by the contestants on Monday’s show. Here are some – would you have answered correctly?

1. What nickname was given to the “Additional Cost Claims Guide” which determined whether an MPs expenses were reasonable?

A: Debenhams list B: Selfridges list C: John Lewis list

– The Chase winning answer was C

2. The name of which Bond film is also a slang term for a native of Wiltshire?

A: Goldfinger B: Moonraker C: Thunderball

– The Chase winning answer was B

3. At the age of 33 Susan Boyle auditioned unsuccessfully for what talent show?

A: Opportunity Knocks B: New Faces C: My Kind of People

– The Chase winning answer was C

4. Which of these West Indies bowlers NEVER held the world record for the most wickets in  Test cricket?

A: Malcolm Marshall B: Lance Gibbs C: Courtney Walsh

– The Chase winning answer was A

5. In medicine, an angiogram is used to diagnose problems in what part of the body?

A: Nervous System B: Digestive System C: Cardiovascular System

– The Chase winning answer was C

6. Which president of the USA is the tallest man ever to hold the post?

A: Barrack Obama B: Abraham Lincoln C: William McKinley

– The Chase winning answer was B

So Do You Have What It Takes To Beat The Chaser?

If you knew the answers to the questions above and you think you’re a bit of a smarties pants then maybe you can go on TV and win The Chase competition for real! You can apply to become a contestant on The Chase here.

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