The Big Reunion’s breakdowns


Some of the stars participating in ITV’s show the Big Reunion have opened up talking about what challenges they faced after their bands split up, and how their lives have been affected since.

One of the stars that opened up for the first time was B*Witched member Keavy Lynch, who talked on the show about her breakdown after the band’s split up.  She admitted with tears in her eyes that it took her five years to gain back the ability to confide in people about her needing help. I was ticking bomb and the bomb exploded, she recalled.

When the band split, Keavy remained in London while her twin sister, Edele, returned to Ireland, where she has her own business. Also she is happily married with a man she met on a blind date, and is a mum.

But even if now things are good, their lives had some ups and downs since 2002, especially for Keavy, who had to deal with a nasty depression after the dissolving of the band. She always had the problem of being in her sister’s shadow, but that problem got deeper after the girls went their own ways. She revealed that she couldn’t figure out who she is anymore, and she couldn’t talk about this with anyone for five years.

That period was also difficult for her sister Edele too, who recounted a meltdown moment of her sister, when she started screaming in a cab. The driver dropped them off, leaving Keavy screaming in the street.

The sisters recalled another bittersweet moment for them,  the time when Edele got married. Keavy said that even though she was the maid of honour she wasn’t completely there. Edele declared that: I knew how much she was struggling. I was unhappy because the first love of my life was falling to pieces. I know she wanted to give a s**t but she couldn’t.

Step by step Keavy got her life back on track and managed to find strength within. She started studying counselling and now is in her last year, and she is also doing volunteer work in her free time. Keavy also started singing again, joining a cover band,  which is different then before she gets to be the lead and sing in the front.

As the group met up for the first time in years, some old unresolved issues reappeared. Sinead, now a happily married mum who lives in Ireland, still had some trouble with her fallout with Edele.  Edele approached the subject saying that I will always call it a fallout which sounds royal but it wasn’t that royal. Sinead seemed unmoved by this, commenting I feel like I’ve said everything, there isn’t any other explanation, while Edele looked like she was about to cry. She said that she is not feeling as comfortable as Sinead yet, because she’s not there yet.

If  at first, everybody thought the problem would be with Sinead and Edele, it turned out the bigger one was with Edele and Lindsay. Lindsay, who recently ended up her relationship with Lee from 911 said that We all had our little roles. I don’t feel like that person anymore. I’m not going to slip back into that role. 2002 was a tough year for her because she lost her mother and the band also split up. After the band’s breakup she joined the drama school for a couple of  years. She had starred in a movie that is yet to be released, but some recently uploaded clips show her as a stripping nun.

Talking about being part of a girl band she said that I felt very alone in the band a lot of the time. I was such a confident person before the band but I felt overwhelmed in it. She went on saying to her band mates that she couldn’t express her feelings, especially around Edele. Offended by the accusation Edele jumped asking why is she the only one to blame, at which point Sinead said that she was the strongest and the most opinionated, with Lindsay concluding:  It almost felt like there wasn’t a point, because you would also win it.

911 troubles


Another band who opened up about their troubles was 911. Seeing each other the first time in years, Lee Brennan, Jimmy Constable and Simon “Spike” Dawbarn we’re acting as candid as ever. Jimmy started talking about his alcohol and cocaine abuse after the band split. Somehow stunned, jumped and said: You were knocking around with a bunch of plebs, it was as if you didn’t give a s**t about us. You’d turn up to SMTV and be absolutely bladdered.

Jimmy revealed some upsetting stuff about his drinking past: The biggest thing was not having your two best friends there. Your only answer to replace them was the empty bottles on the floor; I spent my time drinking myself silly.’ ‘I sat there with a half a bottle of Jack Daniels and strips of tablets and thought I might as well end it now. The room was full of demons.

Fortunately Jimmy got out of that dark place and now is married with three children, and he’s back on his first passion: music.

Jimmy wasn’t the only one in the 911 band with issues. Spike also revealed that he had trouble with large rooms becoming acrophobic.