That’s awkward: just one contestant came to X Factor audition

First contestant at X Factor

Looks like X Factor kicked off in a very weird and kind of negative way since just only one contestant showed up in the first hour at the Colchester, Essex audition this week. Just to compare: last year, at the same audition there were 100 hopefuls who sang their hearts out.

The only person who showed up was Cher Townrow, who wanted to try her luck at the Red Lion  Hotel, the venue for the audition. And to make this worse, she confessed that she actually wasn’t planning on coming. She was walking home and saw the sign for the audition, and decided to come in.

Cher didn’t live up to her name and didn’t impress with her singing skill, failing to get a positive feedback. She admitted that she can sing brilliantly at home, but it wasn’t the case there.

Things didn’t go well the rest of the day either, with only 20 people coming and participating at the audition, and according to The Sun, the producers were trying to convince passers-by to give it a try.

It looks like The X Factor has finally lost its grip on the nation. It was quite a depressing sight to see – to me it looked like a party with no guests, one bystander commented. A spokesperson from X Factor didn’t seem so worried though, declaring that: The X Factor mobile auditions are taking place across the UK this week, allowing budding artists to try out in towns and cities where the auditions tour doesn’t reach. The numbers attending vary from location to location and are on a par with last year when we found our winner James Arthur. Overall applications are strong for this series and are in line with last year. We’ve had strong turnouts at other locations for the mobile auditions with more than 250 people turning up at Hull and over 100 in Great Yarmouth. Oh well, if they say so….it seems a bit awkward though!