Test your luck with Daybreak competition

The Daybreak competitionis a subgroup of the very famous ITV competition only. Many people are participating in the Daybreak competitions and are winning lots of prizes. Even you can test your luck by participating in these competitions.

Daybreak Triathlon 2012
Daybreak Triathlon 2012 (Photo credit: Photo Dean)

All it takes to participate in the Daybreak competition is just some entertainment watching and submitting the answer to some easy questions that’s all. Still you might be having certain doubts regarding these competitions especially if you have seen the show on TV only. So here is some info about the shows and the competitions which could help you

1) Costs to participate in the competition by calling them at the PRTS number-

The cost value is solely dependent upon the service provider along with an additional small cost about which you can find details at the official ITV website. Again, if you don’t find the required information then you can always call your operator and ask for the details.

2) About the questions asked in the Daybreak competition

ITV has strictly prohibited posting any questions asked in the Daybreak competition on the website and other commercial websites as well. However, there are plenty of websites which do post the asked questions and you may even find the answers to them in those websites only. However, when doing so keep one thing in mind that these sites are not legitimate.

3) When you have won

Many people want to know how will get to know if they have won so here is it for them.  The winners of the Daybreak competition are notified through personal calls from the company. However, if you want then you can even check out their website for your name. They put up the list of all the winners there on their website.

4) Problems with the vote submission

If you want to want but you can’t connect to their phone lines there is a high possibility that they have closed the phone lines and unfortunately you are late to participate. If the lines are not closed and you still can’t connect to their lines then another possibility is that due to high load on the network the route is busy. Keep on trying if this is the case and you would be able to finally connect to them in the end.

 5) Other problems

In case you have other issues with the Daybreak competition and you want to tell them about it then you can shoot them a mail via the website. This is the best thing to do when you are having troubles in obtaining any specific information about Daybreak competition or in case you cannot connect to their phone lines etc. However, don’t impulsively mail them for petty issues. You are very less likely to get a response for them. Whenever you face any problem then first look for the solution at their official site and still if you are unable to get any solution then use the mail service as the last resort.

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