Simon Cowell praises 1D rock’n’roll attitude


Simon Cowell has commented about One Direction’s lifestyle, praising their backstage tricks, their tattoos craze and ever-changing girlfriends, saying that he would probably do the same thing if he was in their shoes. I’d be as wild as them at their age, Simon said.

In case you didn’t notice, Harry Styles is starting to get covered in all kinds of tattoos and he’s been dating a few famous women, like Taylor Swift. Zayn Malik is also full of ink, and he’s just been through a cheating scandal. Niall Horan and Louis Tomlinson are both cheeky rogues, capable of throwing a TV through a hotel window. Liam Payne is the only one who is more sensible, but that’s a must in every band.

A funny and embarrassing thing happened to Liam earlier this week. Apparently he and a friend were in a black cab when the One Direction’s single for Comic Relief, ‘One Way Or Another’, started playing on the radio and the driver turned it off immediately. Obviously he didn’t know who is sitting on the back seat, causing some amusing embarrassment to Liam.

Turns out Simon isn’t nostalgic for nothing…back in the day he was a bit of a rogue himself., but it’s least likely the 1D boys will be inspired by his perm, moustache and camp T-shirt look.

Simon also made an appeal to his fans to watch Saturday Night Takeaway this week, because The Voice will also start and the show will be in competition for ratings. Watch the show on Saturday! I will be watching Take-away. Apparently there is someone on it who is quite famous, Simon said. He will be part of Ant and Dec’s prank, played on his mate Piers Morgan.  Asked if he will watch The Voice on BBC, Cowell replied with a simple and clear ‘ No’.