Simon Cowell Meets New Body Guard

As Simon Cowell prepares for Britain’s Got Talent 2014, he’s hired a new body guard named Bredan Curran. It turns out, however, that Bredan Curran is an ex-con who was jailed for attempted murder!  Hmm… I don’t think people will mess with him.


Well it seems Simon Cowell has come over all scaredy-cat on us, is it perhaps since the terrifying egg throwing incident of 2013 we wonder? (Where Cowell got pelted with eggs by a mischievous young lady who had snuck onto perform with one of the acts.) Or perhaps it is because the birth of his child is imminent and he is taking all the proper precautions just in case someone dares to touch a hair on the head of the father to be?

Who knows, but if anyone is going to protect Simon Cowell his new bodyguard should certainly do the trick. Brendan Curran is not only massive, but also a former IRA soldier who has previously been in jail for attempting to murder a soldier. Nice choice Simon!

Cowell appeared outside the Waterfront Hall a couple of weekends ago to begin filming some of the new scenes for the 2014 Britain’s Got Talent series and Bredan kept a close watch by his side the whole time.

His choice of bodyguard has caused some controversy because of his shady past. He was convicted of attempted murder at the age of 18 and spent 15 years in prison. However he know is making a pretty penny heading up Cowell’s security team. We are sure Ant and Dec and fellow judges Amanda Holden, Alesha Dixon and David Williams might have been less than impressed if they knew they were being watched over by an ex –con.

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Anyone as high-profile and rich as Simon Cowell needs a body guard. Then why not get the most massive, perceived-meanest guy in Britain?  Well done Simon, and stay safe as you await the birth of your child.