Secret Dealers competition – win cash : £5,278 (Thursday)

secret dealers competition - 30.08.12
secret dealers competition – 30.08.12

Closing date for online entries is 5th September 2012 at 9:30am

Skyscraper is a general term for a tall what?

A: tree
B: hill
C: building

– we think C!

There was a lot of high quality metals in the early part of todays show with silver & gold not in short supply. Imagine being offered over £500 for a silver tray? The star of David was fought over for it’s gold value, with only Alison wanting to retail it, however she had to drop out at £660. Lots of bickering over a pound or two, there isn’t a clear winner so far between todays Secret Dealers. Kathleen managed to walk away with over £5,000; she’s happy!

Perhaps you will be better versed in todays Secret Dealers competition? Make sure you take full advantage of the “3 entries per phone number” option to improve your chances of winning.

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