Saturday Night Takeaway steals The Voice viewers


It seems that Ant and Dec are the overall winners of this week. After their re-released hit ‘Let’s Get Ready To Rhumble’ has hit the UK chart’s no.1 position, their Saturday Night Takeaway show has won the ratings battle too.

This Saturday, the show has reached 7.2 million viewers and their major competitor, BBC’s The Voice received a million less. With 6.2 million viewers, The Voice ratings dropped with two million than the last series’ launch.  Apparently, the celeb panel of the Voice, starring Jessie J, Will.I.Am, Danny O’Donoghue and Tom Jones,  couldn’t compete with the guest stars on Saturday Night Takeaway. ITV’s was thrilled about their numbers saying: This series of Takeaway has gone from strength to strength and we’re delighted that we were the most watched show of the night. And even this season of Saturday Night Takeaway will end soon, things won’t get better for The Voice because they will have to face the stiff competition of Britain’s Got Talent.

This week on Saturday Night Takeaway Ant and Dec’s guests were Simon Cowell, Formula 1 driver Lewis Hamilton and Ashley Roberts. Also, Michael Buble joined Ant and Dec in a special rendition of their nineties hit.


Michael Buble raps with Ant and Dec while Simon Cowell sips a pint and sings along

Saturday Night Takeaway offered us a very weird collaboration on this week’s episode. Michael Buble, the romantic crooner, and Simon Cowell, Mr Nasty, have joined forces to cover Ant and Dec’s one hit wonder. Buble started to rap the song, and that was weird enough, but things got even weirder when Cowell started to sing along, taking sips of his pint in between. This segment of the show was filmed in a pub, and the Geordie duo was so pleased on what they were hearing and seeing that they rushed to join them. Lewis Hamilton, also a guest on the show, decided to join the group, to the delight of the people present in the pub.


Michael closed the show, singing in the studio his new single ‘ A Beautiful Day’,  but as he performed he headed back to the pub to join the hosts. What followed was banter between the singer and the presenting duo:

Michael:  I thought you guys were going to watch the performance .

Dec: We did watch it…on the telly in the pub.

Michael: Well did you like it ?

Ant: We’ didn’t like’ before turning to Simon who declared ‘we loved it’ , making fun of the way the way the judges talk on X Factor.

Simon Cowell couldn’t help not showing his contempt for how well Ant and Dec’s show did in the ratings, toasting a pint of beer and  tweeting : Congrats ant and dec on your number one. Amazing. Had a lot of fun on the show last night. And congrats boys in beating that other singing show in the ratings.