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Prize Island is a hotly anticipated action gameshow for compers duos set on a beautiful desert island and operated by Endamol & ITV and set to broadcast in March 2013. The format of the show is that the teams of two will compete in demanding challenges for prizes which are scattered all over “prize island”. The show is set to test the couples strengths & weaknesses, both physically and mentally as they are pushed to their limits to keep their place and stay on the show.

Helen Island, Helen Reef, Palau. Original desc...
Helen Island, Helen Reef, Palau. Original description: “Helen’s Reef – a classic desert island – elevation above sea level about 8 feet.” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Set to be presented by Emma Willis and Alexander Armstrong, the show will likely be a family favourite as the prize value increases over time and the couples work together to find the buried treasure!

Contestants will have the chance to win a multitude of prizes alongside acar with £50,000 cash in the boot, so expect frustration, tears and giggles throughout the show!

Apply To Be On Prize Island

Have you, a friend or a member of the family ever wanted to be on television? Love winning competitions and prize draws? Enjoy the sunshine & physical activity? You don’t have to be related to your team-mate; friends are welcome to enter too…

The application form is pretty straight forward and covers all the usual TV contestant style questions; primarily regarding…

1. your relationship with your teammate

eg how &when you met, your relationship to each other

2. your personal details

A short description and overview of hobbies/interests

3. Prize Island questions

And then there are questions which are more focused on the Prize Island itself…this is where it gets into the nitty gritty!

  • What is the most dangerous thing you have ever done?
  • What are you afraid of?
  • Why would you LIKE to be stranded on a desert island with your partner?
  • Why would you NOT LIKE to be stranded on a desert island with your partner?

Beyond that there is a number of options as to you preferences for audition locations throughout the UK, some equal opportunities style questions & the usual disclaimers…

Stand Out From the Crowd

There is also one big box where you can write “anything about your team”; this could be the clincher as to getting an audition or not – so FILL IT IN WITH SOMETHING INTERESTING!

Don’t be lazy – we all know the people who put the effort in come out best, so grab a cuppa tea and spend an extra 20mins on this part of the entry.

Closing Date

The closing date for Prize Island  audition entries is 25th August 2012 and you can get an application form here. Good luck!

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