Phillip Schofield Catches Michelle Keegan Out

Phillip Schofield is a smart cookie; he caught Michelle Keegan out on a bet she had made off-air, and so he called her on it.  She was a bit surprised but wore it well and explained what was going on.

michelle-keegan-and-philip schofield

Yesterday on This Morning  Michelle Keegan was on the show to talk about her role in Coronation Street but she also had to do something else.

Before she was on the show she was on Radio 1 with  Nick Grimshaw and he dared her to say ‘hamburger’ live on the ITV show but little did Michelle know show’s host Philip Schofiledwas listening to radio 1 and knew what she was doing.

Talking about her pregnancy role in Corrie Keegan said:

‘I’m five and a half months it looks like I’ve eaten too many hamburgers.

‘Schofield then replied saying:

‘Don’t think I don’t know what you just did there,’ before going on to explain about the dare set by the Radio DJ.

‘You’re supposed to not get spotted’.

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So is this a bid deal to you or no deal? Is Phillip Schofield grasping at straws to get a laugh? What do you think about Michelle Keegan in Coronation Street?