Philip Schofiled forced to apologise over This Morning TV stunt

Philip Schofield makes a blunder on This Morning

Philip Schofield
Philip Schofield

Philip Schofiled or ‘The Silver Fox’ as he is widely known is TV presentling gold. Usually his good looks, charm and gentle voice tend to win over audiences and those that he interviews alike. However despite his long time success on This Morning as well as other extremely popular shows such as ‘The Cube’ it seems even the most polished of presenters sometimes make a mess of it, and this was very apparent when Schofield made a rather damaging mistake earlier this month on This Morning where he confronted David Cameron with a list of alleged paedophiles on the show.

In doing so he caused much outrage and upset amongst viewers and of course Cameron’s supporters and staff. The mistake was taken very seriously by ITV bosses and there were even rumours that they might ask Schofield to step down from his presenting position on the show. However after careful thought and much grovelling this will no longer be the case.

Schofield had since apologised for what he did and bosses say he ‘realises his mistake and lapse in TV journalism’.

The criticism came about when Schofield handed the prime minister the list of names while live on This Morning. Not only was this stunt completely unexpected but it also turned out that Schofield had compiled the list after simply doing some brief research on the internet.

ITV assured those who were shocked and outraged by the incident that the correct disciplinary action had been taken after TV regulator Ofcom announced that it was launching an investigation into the incident after apparently receiving over 400 complaints.

It has also ruffled the feathers of many MPs with John Whittingdale, Conservative MP and chairman of the Commons culture committee writing to ITV bosses with some forthright questions about how this was allowed to happen.

Well it looks as though the incident hasn’t quite been put to bed yet. But it doesn’t look like Philip Schofiled is going to be taken off our screens just yet, and despite his mistakes we’ve got to be honest, we are all a little bit relieved!

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