Nicole Scherzinger wants a double salary for her return on X Factor


Apparently, Nicole Scherzinger has demandede doubled in order for her to return on the X Factor panel. She is considering her options for the rest of the year and will only take into consideration the possibility of being a judge again only if ITV doubles her salary from £750,000 to £1.5 million.

Nicole has become the viewers’ favourite judge last year, after James Arthur won under her mentorship. Reportedly she is in negotiations with the producers of the show but she is sticking to her demand. A source declared that last year she was a last minute replacement for Kelly Rowland and she didn’t get the chance to negotiate properly, but now Nicole knows that she deserves to be paid properly: Cowell has made Nicole an offer but she knows the money she wants and it’s double what she got last year. She knows that she was the star of the show last year and therefore thinks she should be paid appropriately. Last year it was all so rushed, she was a last minute replacement for Kelly Rowland, so she couldn’t negotiate properly.

The former Pussycat Doll is really determined not to return on the X Factor panel if her requirements are not fulfilled. So far, we know that Louis Walsh and Gary Barlow will be back, after Cowell and the ITV bosses have reached an agreement. Sharon Osbourne is strongly in the picture, and it was believed that there wasn’t going to be any trouble with Nicole. But she knows what she deserves!

Nicole sees the role as a job, not just a chance to be on TV. She hopes for an agreement but she won’t go back unless terms are right, the inside source added.