Michelle Heaton’s meltdown on Big Reunion

Michelle after her fall

Last night on Big Reunion Michelle from Liberty X shed flood of tears after she tripped and fell as she was getting on stage. Michelle was about to sing the group’s final song of the night when the incident happened. After the gig she burst into tears backstage, saying to the camera ‘It’s so f***ing typical, I can’t get a f***ing break’.

Although her band mates told her that no one saw her, Michelle couldn’t stop crying and continuing to express her anger: I fell on my f***ing arse. That’s what everyone is going to remember from the gig – me falling. I knew I’d f***ing stack it. It’s f***ing typical that something happens to me.

Last night, after she watched the show, Michelle tweeted her apologies for the way she reacted, admitting that she overreacted. She wrote: God forgive me for swearing.. I don’t usually talk like that.. I was just very upset and down ok myself .. Sorry mum Xxx #BigReunionConcert,

Looking back now I totally agree with u all, I over reacted. But at that point in time it felt like the whole world had seen me fall flat on my but!! I had no motive in my reaction – other than disappointment in myself.

Sorry if I offended anyone with my bad language I was caught up in a moment. But the delight of sharing the stage with those amazing artists outweighed that!

Thank u to those of u who have stuck by me & @LibertyX2013 through it all.. This is only the beginning (sic).. Bring on the tour (cue me falling lol) Nite all xxx

Besides Michelle tumble, the show went smooth. As the gig  was approaching and the excitement was rising, the bands have looked back at their experience and talked about the upcoming show. Antony Costa from Blue said that the reunion gig is all about enjoying yourself and putting on a good show. Scott from 5ive said that We know what we are here to do, give the fans what they’ve wanted to see for years- us back on stage, and Abz added I’ve known for a while there’s one more something in Abz.

Liberty X Michelle shared that she was looking forward to putting on their famous catsuits, because back in the day she couldn’t fit into those and wasn’t allowed to try them. Liz from Atomic Kitten was chatting in the dressing room saying I want to remember everything, I want to be able to treasure it more. Kerry Katona also seemed excited but she confessed that she had a lot on her mind, which made her singing off key and messing the dance routine.

The Hammersmith Apollo show was opened by Andi Peters who introduced everyone wearing double denim and doing and Irish dance, as an homage to B*Witched. 5ive were the ones that started the show, returning backstage on a real high. Through a lot of cursing Scott said that he thought will get sick when they got on stage, and he won’t be able to sing. But that was not the case, the boys delivered an impressive performance.

After 5ive, it was Liberty X’s turn to take the stage in their modern catsuits followed by B*Witched in their classic denim outfits. Backstage the girls from Atomic Kitten and Lee from 911 were dancing around on the 90’s songs.

When 911 got their turn to perform, there was a bit of stress because Spike has injured his ankle during rehearsals. But he fought the pain and delivered a very energetic performance, showing their old dancing moves. Atomic Kitten also did great, even though Kerry missed a few unnoticeable notes. After their performance the girls got really emotional backstage, especially Kerry. Blue were next, looking more sophisticated than the others, followed by Honeyz, the ladies delivering an amazing performance. When they got backstage, the ladies were so overwhelmed that they burst into tears.

After all the bands performed one song, everybody was feeling more relaxed and couldn’t wait to go up on the stage. At the end they all agreed that it would have been nice to perform more than one song, but luckily for them, there is a tour coming up.