Making the cut at the ITV X Factor Competition

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English: Simon Cowell at the National Television Awards at the Royal Albert Hall, London, October 2006. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The X Factor show needs no introduction. All geared to launch its ninth series in August, the X Factor has rightfully earned its place among the popular ITV competitions. This reality TV show created by none other than Simon Cowell, Judge American Idol showcases singing talent in Britain. And coming to the most important part, X Factor belongs to the breed of ITV programs that host interesting and simple viewer’s competitions that come with incredible prizes.

Television competitions have allowed viewers to winsome quick money, earn their right to an exotic vacation or win a household appliance or vouchers. The ITV X Factor Competition Questions… how to enter the competitions? how do they decide winners? and of course we cannot miss out on the prizes – what are the prizes?

So, dig in if you’re looking for information on ITV X Factor competitions…

The ITV X Factor Competition Format:

Participating in the ITV X Factor Competition is not at all a mountain hill task. The competition is open only to individuals who are 18 years of age and above. Every episode features a question that you have to answer and there is no need to wrack your brains for it. Simply select the right alternative and send in your entries. The question is reiterated throughout the show. For this you need to watch every episode carefully and take note of the question. The Prize draw is held within one week after the closing date for PRTS phone, SMS text messages, Red Button and Online entries and winners are notified about the same.

Methods of entering the ITV X Factor Competition

Text Messages and the telephone were considered the most popular but the trend is slowly changing with more viewers registering their entries online. The four main methods to enter into the competition include:

  1. PRTS Phones: The PRTS phone call number is displayed during the programme and the per call charge is £ 1.00 for BT landlines.
  2. SMS Text messages: For SMS entries send an SMS text with the option (A, B, C) that represents the answer on the number provided.
  3. Red button: Sky and Virgin Media users can also register their entries by pressing the Red button on the remote control. The charge for each red button red entry is £1.00.
  4. Online entries: The online Entries for the competition can be made at the website at Online entries are free of cost.
  5. Entrants can register 6 entries per unique number. You can find more details on the methods of entry by reading the terms and conditions for participation.

What about the deadlines for the ITV X Factor Competition?

The ITV X factor competition has an opening and closing date and time for entries. This opening and closing date and time is stated in the programme. The closing date and time for online entries is another additional three days after the closing date and time for PRTS Phone, SMS text, Red Button entries.

There is a bit of hard work you will have to do on your part as well. Before entering the ITV X Factor competition, skim through the terms of conditions at the official website

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