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Lorraine Kelly was here
Lorraine Kelly was here (Photo credit: mrlerone)

If you’re looking for information about the Lorraine competition then you’ve come to the right place. We’re your top source for the latest Lorraine competition question and a range of other fantastic UK competitions. You’ll find all the best TV prize giveaways and online competitions here which you’ll be able to enter entirely 100% free. If you love competitions and free stuff as much as we do then be sure to bookmark us and win some amazing prizes!

The Lorraine competition is the same competition that runs earlier in the morning on itv Daybreak, they just change the look of it a bit so it matches the brand of the Lorraine Kelly show on which it’s broadcast. Online entry is always available longer than phone/text entry and best of all it is completely free.

Latest Lorraine Competition


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UK TV Competitions with Lorraine

The Lorraine TV show is one of the biggest and best on UK television and they love to give away prizes and free cash every week to their loyal fan base. Some of the best prizes in the UK can be won on the Lorraine show and their cash prize giveaways are incredible. They’ve given away so many prizes to people just like you who love to play and win.

The competition question is always easy…but don’t worry if you don’t know the answer because we’ll always give you our suggestion! Questions are nearly always fairly easy general knowledge, however occasionally one comes along that is a bit trickier!

Lorraine Competition Cash Prizes

lorraine competition question
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It’s really easy to play to win in the itv Loraine competition and every week you’ll be in with the chance to win big with a selection of great goodies including massive cash prizes. Just think of what you could do with a huge lump cash sum straight to your bank account. Fancy a new car? Maybe you’d prefer a trip to a white sandy beach where you can wind down and relax? Play in the free-entry UK competition with Lorraine by entering online and you could be lying on that white sandy beach or driving the latest sports car next week.

Prize Contest and Giveaways : Enter Online

The Lorraine show is massive and they love to give away some of the biggest prizes on TV in the UK. If you play to win you could be in with the chance of winning holidays, tickets, free cash, home improvements and cars. Every week Lorraine makes someone extremely happy with her incredible prize giveaways. Make sure you enter online via itv com entry form to avail of free entry – otherwise it will cost you around £1.10 per entry; more than a national lottery ticket!

Best Free Online Prizes and UK Competitions

We’re giving you access to some of the best exclusive prize giveaways online thanks to the Lorraine competition. You can find not only the main UK TV competitions here, but also dozens of other great online prize contests where you can win a selection of other great smaller prizes like shopping vouchers at your favourite high street store. The great thing about the smaller online competitions is they give away 100’s of prizes, so if you enter enough of them you significantly increase your chances of winning. Don’t forget to play to win with the Lorraine competition to win BIG too! Someone has to win.