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Man being a creature of comforts and societal interactions has always treated television as an indispensable part of his life & in the morning Daybreak & the Lorrain competition satisfy these needs. In the evening, one comes home after a hard day at work and then finds himself unwinding in the front of the television or more commonly known as the TV. With the increasing popularity of reality shows, many other avatars of interactive television have also come up. These are gaining a reputation with the viewers of today. These modes of entertainment have a gold pot at the rainbow’s end. They have enough material to lure the viewers to participate in various competitions and other interactive modes like lucky draws and others. One can win a great deal of prizes and many other gifts.

ITV shows

ITV is not another run of the mill channel on television that will plead one to switch it off, but is one of the most popular channels in the United Kingdom. It is a complete entertainment hub wherein there is something for everybody. There are shows airing on this channel that cater to tastes of various types of viewers.

In this cut throat competitive times of today, ITV caters to the likings of men, working women, stay at home moms and senior citizens. On Lorraine one can catch some spicy entertainment dealing with the fashion or lifestyle needs of today, or the latest news in town, or glamour news from the movie and theatre world and some unique cooking. They also run some attractive and simple competitions wherein one can participate and win some great prize money and other striking gifts. There are some other good and first rate shows running on ITV, like Coronation Street, Lorraine, Daybreak, This Morning, Emmerdale, Superstar, The Only Way Is Essex, Alan Titchmarsh, Loose Women, The Jeremy Kyle Show, Mark Wright’s Hollywood Nights and others.

Television competitions to win prizes

The selling point of interactive television is participation by the viewers. For some competitions the larger number of participants, the better it is. The main attraction is regular competitions on air and online, such as the Lorraine competition (aka Daybreak competition). What one has to do to enter these competitions is to watch the program and pay attention to the questions in the competitions and the simple procedures to follow it. One can use various platforms like the internet, the mobile phone or the landline phone to contact these guys and answer the questions. The details of winners are available both on the television and on their website. The gifts are a plenty. One can win laptops, refrigerators, trips to attractive destinations, mobile phones and many such gifts. Other gifts include free gift vouchers for shopping at branded stores of fashion and lifestyle. These are pretty famous with the younger viewers. Even supermarket discount vouchers catch the fancy of many viewers. These are convenient and help one make some decent savings. One can spot such attractions even on their website and participate as well. All in all Lorraine attracts a large number of viewers owing to these competitions and the prize draw that one can win here.

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