Jonathan and Charlotte don’t regret telling Simon Cowell he was wrong


Jonathan and Charlotte, runner-ups at last year’s series of Britain’s Got Talent, have declared in a recent interview that they don’t regret not following Simon Cowell’s advice to split up. Ignoring this changed their lives for the better.

The duo sings a mix of pop music with opera, were told by Cowell to go their separate ways, or more exactly, he told Charlotte to go and leave Jonathan to sing alone. But they decided to stick together and they had no regrets about this.

Charlotte said:  No way. We wouldn’t have done everything we’ve done this year if we weren’t a duo. Going against Simon’s suggestion is what powered us through the show. We believed in what we came in with and we were right in the end. It has made our friendship stronger because we didn’t just go chasing fame and forget about each other.  Jonathan added: Sticking with Charlotte was a great decision. We had sung a bit together before but now we sing all the time and it’s so much fun.

After participating at Britain’s Got Talent their lives have changed completely, especially career-wise. OMG the moment we left the stage everything flipped on its head. When we walked out of the studio loads of people wanted our autographs and I was thinking, we’re just the same people we were last week.The next day we were in a meeting, then we were talking about an album and we were in the studio. Now we have a gold album which is so weird. Britain’s Got Talent was the best experience of my life and I would do it all over again, Charlotte revealed. It’s more like how has it not changed! Everything is different. I now have a job doing what I love. For me, going on the show was the perfect thing to do, said Jonathan.

Jonathan and Charlotte have an upcoming UK tour that starts in June….so what’s left to say than: in your face Simon Cowell!