Jack Carroll Captivates Britain’s Got Talent Viewers

Jack Carroll appeared on Britain’s Got Talent and absolutely captivated viewers across the UK and the world.  Looking a little like the Harry Potter actor, Jack Carroll is a 14 year old comedian that doesn’t let his disability prevent him from public performance and doing what he loves. Check out this video!

Jack Carroll

“Dont worry, I know what you’re thinking: Harry Potter’s had a nasty quidditch accident.”

Fourteen-year-old Jack Carroll opened his audition for “Britain’s Got Talent” with this line, and the act that followed was easily one of the most memorable — and hilarious — of the popular British reality show. The young aspiring comedian has cerebral palsy and faced Simon Cowell and the other judges using a mobility aid on last week’s episode.

But the teen didn’t want his cerebral palsy to be what he called “the elephant in the room.” Instead, he used his short stand-up routine to poke fun at himself and the challenges he faces having a physical disability.

Jack picked up his Pride of Britain award for being an inspiration to others with a disability and he had the crowd in stitches at the bash in London.

Audience members, including the Prime Minister, struggled to hold in their chuckles as he joked he was disappointed not to have met Jimmy Savile – at the height of the scandal surrounding the perverted presenter.

And he sparked rapturous laughter when he added: “Stop me if I get too energetic, I don’t want to lose my benefits.”

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Did you see Jack Carroll? What did you think?  Britain’s Got Talent always has a few surprises, Jack Carroll was this week’s — how far do you think he’ll go?  Do you have a talent you could share on Britian’s Got Talent?  What is it?