ITV Surprise To be Given by Holly Willoughby

Who do you know that you would like to receive an ITV Surprise from Holly Willoughby!  You?  Well now you have the chance! This post is a bit out of the ordinary, but you should know about this!  Holly Willoughby is giving away this ITV surprise. What is the surprise?  Well it wouldn’t be a surprise if you knew what it was now would it? You’ll have to complete the application form below to apply and… eventually… find out!  Have fun!

Holly Willoughby

Presented by Holly Willoughby, Surprise Surprise will be giving well deserving members
of the public the biggest surprise of their lives!
If you know someone who deserves a surprise – no matter how big or small –
you can nominate them by downloading and returning the completed
application form to the e-mail address below:
Click to download: application form (word .doc format)Return by e-mail

Applications closing date:N/A

Audition/Casting period: N/A

Age restriction applies:If you and/or your nominee are under 18 years old then please include the name and phone number of that nominee’s & your parent or legal guardian as specified in the application form.

Terms and Conditions: Surprise Surprise Nomination Terms and Conditions apply

Additional information:For people who don’t have access to e-mail, post your application to:
Surprise Surprise
The London Television Centre,
Upper Ground
London, SE1 9LT


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The ITV Surprise to be given away by Holly Willoughby is going to be fantastic! No, it’s not Holly, sorry to say, but she will be giving it away!  Are you going to apply? How do you rate your chances of winning the ITV surprise? ITV is touting it as the “biggest surprise” of your life! That’s worth going for now isn’t it?  Apply to win the ITV surprise today!