iTV competitions to raise the TRP of the channel

If you are asked to give the names of your favourite shows on iTV then the chances are very slim of you not mentioning the show X factor. Well, indeed the show is one of the most widely watched shows in this world today and it is very rare to find a person who is now aware of it in either US or UK. Even though the show used to be broadcasted since many years before but the huge popularity it finally gained was when it started to run certain competitions in which they would ask simple questions to its viewers. From the time they ventured this idea, their TRP boosted in a very small span of time.

About iTV competitions

Many people are curious to know what the iTV competitions are about and you will find out about it now. To simplify the things, we can consider these competitions as simple G.K tests like you used to give at schools. The only difference with those tests was that there was no chance for you to win a Ford car by just giving correct answer to one question. However, with the iTV competitions you can actually get that! Yes, it is true. They put huge prizes for the lucky winners in the X factor show. Some of the typical prizes include free vacation trips to some of the finest places of the world including New York, Las Vegas, Dubai etc. Other than that they even put free VIP passes and best position concert tickets of world famous performers and singers.

Although you won’t require any help for giving the answers to the questions discussed in the show but in case you do need some help then internet could help you. There are some forums and some websites which help you to get the correct answers to the questions asked in the show. All you would need is a little Google and soon enough you would be having the correct answer with you to be send to the show organizers.

How to submit answers in iTV competitions?

You can submit correct answer (which is typically the correct option from the given 3 options) by either sending a text message or by directly giving them a call. In case you prefer to call then here is the number- 090 49 59 69 79. You will be charged 1.03 pounds for a call from a general telephone line. Otherwise, in case you are planning to submit the answer through SMS then you can send the correct option like A, B or C to 84066. For the SMS you will be charged a pound in addition to the standard SMS cost. Generally the lines are closed on Saturday evenings. This means that your submission of the answer won’t be considered after then. However, the exact time might vary from one competition to other. You can get the information on that from the show on TV or either by checking out their website. So, give it a try and test you luck. Who knows, you might actually win.

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