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itv compsToday, ITV competitions – internet television competitions – are simply amazing. They offer awesome competitions to the people of the UK (and, in some cases, beyond!). In addition, the prizes are also quite irresistible from the cash amount that could be as high as £20000 to winning a car or a holiday trip. Presently, one can find the exciting tv competition of Loose women where he or she could win a significant prize of around £50000.  The typical types of itv competitions are multiple choice questions with a specified closing date. Ineluctably, the prizes in these competitions have considerably increased the number of entries. ITV competitions can be easily viewed in the comfort of home via television or internet and you can enter the online competitions which are totally free of cost (in most cases!)

Exploring ITV competitions in detail

ITV competitions bring daily updates and answers to the questions of Internet TV competitions all over the UK (sometimes beyond!). The UK is known worldwide as the best place for television shows and its associated competitions, this has also passed on to many internet sites who have copied the TV tactics and offer great prizes of their own. If one puts the two factors together then he or she is an assured winner. Many TV channels, unlike the BBC, are not supported by the government and thus they compete via competitions and massive prizes on a weekly basis. The best tactic that has flawlessly helped UK TV to be a winner worldwide are competitions on the ITV channel. ITV as an effective UK television channel is incorporated with several shows. They usually ask the simple question which is assimilated with three options. Even an individual has many options to provide his or her entry namely phone call, text message and website. The free entry option is however provided online and thus it has made more and more people exploring ITV competitions online.   ITV – Internet Television competitions has evolved to bring you the best in TV competition updates, mixed with great internet competitions.

The best ITV competitions

With so many TV shows, one can find unlimited competitive ITV competitions via the ITV channel, however there are also gems to be found on BBC & Channel 5. Popular TV competitions include this morning competition, daybreak competition (or Lorraine competition) & The Gadget Show. The prizes are also unbelievably over £25000 each week!! Other important competition on ITV is Loose women competition. This is a viable chat show in the morning and the real deal competition of Dickinson’s (also on ITV) looks at the antiques which is regarded as the other marvelous television show in daytime. The cube competition is another outstanding show that is presented eminently by Schofield Phillip. These are my two favorite competitions on TV – the Cube & The Gadget Show (more because I love the shows…but the prizes are great too!). Nevertheless, the most favorite of many UK television watchers is the competition involved in morning Daybreak show. This is an exceptional UK show that offers many tempting prizes to keep each geek who is gadget lover, car driver, dreamer or holiday boffin. Entering a competition online is quite exciting since one can play at total peace of mind. To enter most of the competitions announced on the TV one must watch each of the TV shows where the question is announced several times in the show. Several websites offer the question online so there is nil chance for anyone to miss the day’s question. The winners are also announced with details and thus the winner will be quite certain about his or her winning conditions.

The Second Coming (TV serial)
The Second Coming (TV serial) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So the “best” ITV competitions are generally from the TV, although they span the internet by allowing online entry. This is because TV is still so big and they can afford such massive prizes…and massive prizes usually mean they are deemed to be the “best”. However there are a growing number of internet-only competitions worth watching out for. Big blogs such as mumsnet and magazines such as take-a-break & Glamour have all went online, as have newspapers. Telegraph competitions are popular, and many of the big publishers still have lots of cash for prizes. We also recommend trying some of the smaller bloggers who offer competitions, which may be small however come with a much greater winning chance!

So for internet & television contests & prize draws, ITV competitions are simply mind-blowing – enter free at !

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