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ITV competitions rules

The popular broadcasting medium of UK is iTV and all the popular shows like Daybreak, Real Deal, The Cube etc. In ITV organize many ITV competitions. These ITV competitions are announced during the TV show time especially when you are watching the program. Viewers can enter into these competitions through online or via telephone. So your ITV can even win prizes for you just you have to watch the shows.

Types of ITV competitions

It has become a prime-time trend, to carry out competitions to attract more and more viewers. Now these ITV competitions are of different types like some ask questions on general knowledge, and some questions are asked from the shows. Those classical and contemporary shows do not involve skills but luck. So they frame their questions accordingly. These shows are organized to gain more and more viewers and increase the publicity of the show.  For each ITV competition there are terms and conditions that the participants need to abide by. Before you hop on to such a competition go through its terms and conditions thoroughly as this will help you to know the facts about the competition.  When you apply for a game show, like you, many people do too, so the ITV competition organizers set a lottery to choose the contestants of the competition. Thus the percentages of contestants who apply for these ITV competitions are filtered through various steps and then a few get selected to play the game. But there are some other types of ITV competitions where everyone can take part.

More about ITV competitions

All these ITV competitions have some rules like you have to be 18 years old to take part in the competition; you have to be the citizen of the country etc. Sometimes you are asked to give your social security number in these game shows. Some ITV competitions are played through websites, so while entering through these mediums you need to give some personal information for security reasons. Some shows choose their contestant from their audience, so you need to have tickets or permission to enter such show so for that find out the rules and eligibility criterions for getting those ITV competitions tickets. If you have got a chance to be the studio audience, then manage some quality time as these procedures do take lots of time. If you are taking part in such shows, be vibrant and active as the producers love good audience and choose those who take part in the live show energetically.

When you take part in any ITV competitions, know the game thoroughly or watch some episodes on ITV to get a better idea as in such competitions you cannot waste your time in knowing the nooks of the ITV competitions. All competitions may be a live one, through the websites or through the phone, you should play a healthy game and follow a healthy procedure with your team mates. Taking part in any ITV competitions don’t mean you have to win it, taking part is also a nice exercise to try your luck.

ITV competitions from home

Durning many of the tv shows (contests & daytime lifestyle) you will find competitions and prize draws announced. These are for big prizes which include cash, cars, holidays and much more. You can enter these competitions from your sofa by calling the number, texting or entering online! Rules can be found at itv.com however in most cases you can enter itv competitions multiple times to increase your chances of winning!


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TV Competitions

TV weekly prize draws and competitions often top a quarter of a million pounds in cash prizes, holidays, gadgets and cars, with television station itv and Channel 4 being the most generous.

Many Internet and TV programmes have a free online entry, however some do not & entry must be made by premium phone or sms. It is usually cheaper to enter using a postcard if that is an option.

We post Internet & TV competitions here daily, including information on the lowest cost or free entry methods so keep an eye out!