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If you are an iTV viewer then you definitely know about all those iTV competitions. With UK people love iTV competitions and the prizes that are offered. ITV is considered to be the big daddy of television competitions.


They give loads of prize money to the winners, sometimes 100, 00 pound money prize in a week. Some top shows like Daybreak, Loose women, Real Deal, Take Me Out are few popular shows that are telecasted. If you are an iTV viewer then you have defiantly tried your luck in those iTV competitions which are somehow similar to other TV competitions. These kinds of comps and its prizes are certainly a attractive offer to go for iTV. You can even log on to for more details.

Some facts about iTV competitions

Each and every iTV competitions follows a similar format that is they allow great number of entries which is the main revenue source of these shows. In these shows very normal questions are asked which has few multiple choice answer option. So viewer need to choose the right answer and call or email or SMS the answer. But more emphasis is given on telephone or text message as they generate immediate revenue for the channel. Channel always gives a free entry option to the participants. And when you enter into one, you will be given a number of options from third party for more competitions and your option to enter into those. No matter which ever competition you enter, iTV earns a small commission from these shows.

Some new and some popular iTV competitions

Recently few shows have been launched in iTV with full on enthusiasm and entertainment. One is “Secret Dealers” and another “Lets Do Lunch” (aka “Gino & Mel”).  Both the shows were launched on 9th July and both the shows do deal with comps and prizes for the winners. In these shows too, simple questions are posed to the viewers and winners are chosen accordingly. “Secret Dealers” mainly deals with selling your old antiques and that also at an impressive price. And “Lets Do Lunch” (aka “Gino & Mel”) is mainly a cooking show and celebrity chat show which is a nice entertainment package that viewers can enjoy thoroughly. Other then these two there are many present shows that you can enjoy. Every show organizes some kind of competition for the viewers and arranges some prize for the winners. All you have to do is just follow the shows and answer the simple questions that are asked during the show.

Entering ITV competitions

If you are willing to enter these competitions then follow the shows regularly where they announce the competition question. Winner details can be found out from the website. The show authorities always make it a point that all the iTV competitions are played in a healthy way and with proper rules and regulation.  All iTV competitions rules and conditions can be read out from their website so before you take part read them once to avoid those last moment obstacles.


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