competitions have become a popular time-passers

Television has become a man’s indispensable companion. Would you be able to spend a week without TV? No? Well, it would be difficult for any individual for sure. We as humans work to make a living but in the end we need entertainment as well. Now, the most easily available sources of entertainment for us could be no other than a television. However, these days we could even win goodies and great cash prizes as well while getting entertained. Well, going by the competitions it could be easily said after all.

There have arrived a plethora of competitions which have been included in all the major shows of ITV and any person is eligible to participate in these competitions. Not only that, you don’t even have to a be super smart to win as well. This is because most of the questions asked in the competitions are so easy that even your kids could answer them. They always ask easy questions in the shows so that more people could participate in the competitions. However, you don’t have to worry about the competition as there are plenty of such competitions which are held every now and then. competitions question example

Every good thing has a price and so here also you will have to pay a small price which comes in the form of sms and calls which you need to make for giving answers. It is always better to participate in multiple competitions at the same time. This increases your chances to win and also the probability of winning when a person participates in more events is more in comparison to taking participation in individual events at different times.

How to participate?

Participating in the competitions is very easy. Follow these steps in order to participate:

1) Choose your favorite ITV show in which they put competitions. You can choose multiple shows as well and in fact, it would be even better.

2) At the end of your chosen show they will ask you a question and along with it they will even give three options (in most of the cases). Pay close attention to the asked question.

3) You will then have to pick out the option which you think is correct. This should not be any tough as the questions asked are very simple.

4) Next, you need to choose the medium of submitting the answers. You have two choices here- either you could participate by sending the correct answer to them via sms or you can even call to tell them the answer. Both of these methods would cost you about one pound.

5) When you are done with all these steps then now it’s time for you to cross your fingers and wait for the results. They don’t give the answers and the names of the winners very soon. You will have to wait for their next episode. So, good luck and keep participating in the competitions. You will have your day someday.

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