It’s a good day for auditioning: 8,000 came to the London X Factor auditions at ExCel Centre


Saturday 6th of April was the first day of open auditions for X Factor and the number of people who showed up at the ExCel Centre in London, proved that the show is still appealing. Even though a few weeks ago, the media pointed that the small number of people who came to the pre-auditions was showing that X Factor has lost it, the first day of open- auditions is a sign that there lots of hopefuls out there who want to become the next star. Almost 8,000 people have showed up at the ExCel Centre in London, queuing from 5 AM, to make sure they have a spot in front of the producers.

No official news has been released about who is going to be judging or mentoring the future pop stars, but it is believed that Louis Walsh, Nicole Scherzinger and Gary Barlow will take their seats back, and also that Sharon Osboune will replace Tulisa. One face we know for sure is going to be back is Dermot O’Leary, who has already been confirmed that he’s is host this series too. He also made an appearance at the auditions today. Dermot declared: It’s great to see so many people braving the cold and turning out in their thousands for the first day of our auditions.It’s always been a privilege to host the X Factor and even more so this year as its the 10th series. I can’t wait to see how the contestants fare with our new double auditions.As always I’m looking forward to the laughs, the hugs, maybe not so much the tears, and watching really talented people… And some not so talented people. But that’s the beauty of the show, you never know who’s up next.

For this series, the format will have double auditions, with the return of the audition room, where participants will face the judges in an intimate setting, followed by the arena performance. An insider said that: the plan is to have the best of both worlds with regard to auditions. So the contestants will start with just the judges in an audition room. If they get through then they will go on to an auditorium.Bosses believe it will bring more warmth back to the show because they know how popular the audition rooms were with both contestants and the audience at home.

For those who missed the chance to audition in London, they can still make it, with upcoming open auditions in Birmingham (Saturday 13th April), Cardiff (Saturday 20th April), Manchester (Saturday 27th April) and Glasgow (Wednesday 1st May). The judge auditions are set for the summer, even though we don’t know who is going to be on the panel.