Harry Hill on Hair Loss

Harry Hill is one of the funniest prime-time comedians in the UK. I think he’s hilarious.  Look at how he makes fun of his own male pattern baldness on the Johnathan Ross show. Funny, just plain funny.  That’s Harry Hill.

Harry Hill

Many celebrities suffer from hair loss to varying degrees, but tend to hide it using a variety of methods. However one who has never made any attempt to hide his baldness, and has in fact made it part of his screen persona, is TV funny man Harry Hill.

So viewers were no doubt surprised to see him with a head of strawberry blonde hair when he first appeared as a guest on the Jonathan Ross Show on ITV recently.

‘I’m thrilled with my new hair’

‘I went to that same place that Wayne Rooney and my friend Jason Gardiner went to,’ said Hill when asked about his hair. He added, ‘I had a little bit from the back put on the front. I’m thrilled with my new hair.’

But anyone who was in any doubt over whether Harry Hill really had had a hair transplant wasn’t left wondering for long when the star of TV Burp and other shows entered the studio set for his interview.

‘What’s going on with your head?’ asked Ross upon seeing the new barnet, ‘That’s not right Harry.’

‘It’s still quite sore actually, don’t touch it, it’s still quite sore,’replied Hill as the presenter moved closer. A slight tug later and the hair came away, revealing that it was in fact a wig. ‘My hair, my hair, give it back,’ exclaimed Hill in mock dismay, before adding, ‘It’s got to go back in the bag.’

So, Harry Hill has not had a hair transplant, and it seems unlikely he’ll be donning a hairpiece anytime soon for anything other than comedic effect.

Zany comedian Hill, a former doctor, suffers from Male Pattern Baldness. Rather than taking measures to ‘save’ his hair or conceal his baldness, it would appear that he embraced the look long ago by shaving his head in its entirety. Certainly he has had a bald head for the duration of his TV career, and it is as iconic as his trademark thick-rimmed glasses and larger-than-life collars.


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Are you a Harry Hill fan? Most of the comedians today are too raucous for prime-time.  Some are outright offensive with their speech and antics. I like Harry Hill because he still represents good, clean fun. How about you?