Hannah Barrett is the favourite to win The X Factor 2013 according to an ITV This Morning Poll

Hannah Barrett is favoured to win X Factor 2013 according to a recent poll conducted by ITV This Morning.  People were blown away by the stupendous performance Hannah gave at her initial X Factor audition and her fan base keeps growing by leaps and bounds. Nicholos McDonald and Rough Copy are close to follow though so let’s continue to see how the competition builds.

Hannah Barrett

Nicole Scherzinger must be feeling quite uplifted today because Hannah Barrett has emerged as the early favourite to win The X Factor this year according to an ITV This Morning Poll.

Today the program conducted a poll where viewers voted for the act they would like to see win the show. Hannah was in front by a slight margin with 16 percentage points followed jointly by Nicolas McDonald and Rough Copy who both polled 15 percent of the votes.

The poll also shows that the two acts with most to fear in the early rounds are Lorna Simpson and Shelley Smith. The pair had only 1 percent of the viewers votes, which is not good news for Over 25s mentorSharon Osbourne who has never had a winner on The X Factor.

See the figures for all this year’s contestants in this ITV chart.

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I was totally enamoured by Hannah Barretts X Factor audition and I favour her to win as do many X Factor fans. Let’s see how the competition heats up!  Who is your favourite?