Get ready for the X Factor musical!


Apparently we will hear more about X Factor next year, after joint producers Stage Entertainment and Syco Entertainment, Cowell’s company, have just given their official go-ahead for the staging of the famous singing competition. The £6 million show has been suggestively titled ‘X Factor- It’s Time To Face The Musical!’ and will open this time next year at the London Palladium.  The casting will start soon, in May and the rehearsals will begin after this year’s Christmas.

Rebecca Quigley,  managing director at Stage Entertainment talked with the Daily Mail about the project and offered some insights: It’s going to be quite a wacky big show .Louis Walsh and Cowell are characters in the show — which will feature 19 new songs — along with ‘others you might recognise, but who have different name.

We learn why he wears his trousers high, she continued, joking about one of Cowell’s poor fashion decisions.

Another character will be  the female judge, named Geordie, who is a former pop singer with origins in the North-East, and apparently she will be a combination between Cheryl Cole and Tulisa Contostavlos. I think Cheryl would laugh a lot at it, because it’s silly and fun, said Harry Hill, one of the creators of the show. He also said that he doesn’t think that Louis Walsh will be offended by the character based on him, who is “basically dozed off, an octogenarian boy-band manager”.

Simon Cowell’s on stage version will be  ‘perma-tanned’, as Hill described it. The thing about Simon is that he has this great, strong image.. The show will at times be scathing, without being cynical, Hill said.

One important aspect the creators and producers want to stress about the show is that even though Cowell is a character in it, this musical is not about him. And it’s not a spin-off from the TV show either. Quigley declared that she and her team were insisting that this has to be a proper musical, because they don’t want to do something that reaches only X Factor fans.

The story of the musical is about a teenager girl, named Chenice. She lives with her sick grandfather, who’s in an iron lung, in a caravan in London. Because of the iron lung, they can’t watch TV and receive any signals, so therefore they don’t know what X Factor is. We also have a young man named Max, and a dog who will play the role of the Greek chorus, commenting and addressing the public.

So far Cowell didn’t interfere in the creative process, leaving it to the theatre pros, but Quigley thinks he will have something to say when it will come to artwork and marketing.

The creative team is composed by some classy people: Sean Foley will be the director, Kate Prince, founder of the dance company ZooNation, will be in charge of the choreography, Es Devlin, who designed the 2012 Olympics closing ceremony will do the set decor, award-winning Hugh Vanstone will handle the lightning and Gareth Owen and Phillip Bateman will work on music supervision, and sound.

Even though some of the people, who participated in the two workshops held so far, will be auditioned, the search for the cast will continue, with the focus on Chenice, who has to have a perfect voice.