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Lamborghini Murciélago Edo Competition
Lamborghini Murciélago Edo Competition (Photo credit: Chris Wevers)

Free competitions are often contests between individuals, and groups, for prizes with no cost to enter.territory, It is when one or more parties strive for a goal which can win a prize. This could be in the format of a competitive game or simply a prize draw sweepstake. Businesses are often associated with competitions & prizes for promotional purposes. The most common form of free competition is those that are done for fun and the cost of running such competitions are usually seen as a form of advertisement costs. TV talk shows and game shows also conduct free competitions such as giving out a question about a guest or a topic and viewers can answer via text messages, email or live phone calls. Morning & lunch time shows are common in the UK and free competitions are usually part of these variety shows. Aside from the usual question and answer competition, it may also come in a form of a game where contestants from the audiences need to participate (eg by suggesting a recepie). Other funny games such as “bring me”; the member of the studio audience who gets the item to the host in the quickest possible time with the item requestedwins. Another popular game used as a free competition for studio audiences is when one question is given out and all the contestants need to line up to a chair that corresponds to their answer.

060208-N-3153C-088 Culver City, Calif. - Telev...
060208-N-3153C-088 Culver City, Calif. – Television game show “Wheel of Fortune” hosted military members during a recent taping in support of the Armed Forces. Service members from various branches of the U.S. military participated in the show that will air the week of April 3, 2006. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Free competitions are also important components of some TV series & radio shows. A question will be given out at the end of each series and the first viewer to send in the answer via text message wins. Reality shows also invite viewers to participate. Whether it’s a reality based singing contest, cooking competition, or any others that show off individual’s talents, the viewers can cast their votes and may win prizes once all the votes are raffled. Companies also use free competitions to entice new and old customers to buy their products. For some companies, it is a great way to introduce a new product or some innovation on old products. They may show an advertisement on print or television and give out a question on what consumers think would happen next. Answers sent via text are raffled in a prize draw format and winners are notified thru e mail or post mail.

Free competitions are basically designed to entertain, advertise, collect data and get the viewers to interact. However which way, these free competitions don’t cost anything so there’s nothing to lose and it is also a great way for people to win money or prizes that they can’t afford to buy but one should remember that nothing beats setting a goal and working hard for money or material items. Prizes from free competitions can never substitute a salary but they do help you earn additional income really easy….and they are fun.

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