Final 24 revealed on ITV’s X Factor!

X Factor sparks tears and tantrums a plenty as the judges pick their favourite artists to go forward

Louis Walsh
Louis Walsh

So things are hotting up on X factor with all the auditions out of the way and the final 24 acts having been picked and confirmed. The judges informed the lucky contestants on the show last week, emotions as usual were high with tears of both joy and sadness coming frequently during the episode.

Over the two intense days at the x factor bootcamp viewers were treated to several amazing performances and the judges certainly had a tough decision on their hands whittling it down from over 100 competitors to just 6 people in each of the four categories: the boys, the girls, the over’s and the groups.

Judges were also assigned their groups and as usual some judges were more pleased than others when it was revealed to them who they would be mentoring and taking through to the next round of the show ‘judges houses.’

So who do we have in this year’s lineup? Let’s take a look.

In the boys category we have the lovely Sam Cllahan, a 19 year old who originates from Essex where he currently works in a local bar. Sam is no stranger to the limelight having previously worked with Geri Halliwell, however he has yet to find true stardom and so decided to give the X Factor a try. Determined Sam told Dermot:

‘I am not going to go home now, I am not going to go home now. This could be the start of something absolutely monumental, I am going to go and rehearse my nuts off. It could just be back to being a normal kid and I don’t want that. This kid ain’t a normal kid.’

Well luckily for Sam he doesn’t have to…yet.

Next up is Paul Akister from Manchester who has worked as a singer on the pub and club circit. Popular with the audiences Paul managed to pull off a cracking performance last week, singing I’d Rather go Blind by Etta James.

Others include Ryan Mathie is an 18 year old from Hull, currently dividing his time between training to be a mechanic and working for the local Council. Luke Friend who is 17 and currently a student from Devon, and the two youngest additions Giles Potter, also a student from Worcester, and Nicholas McDonald, who tugged at everyone’s heart strings when he explained he had had to give up his first love of football due to a heart condition- it was only then he realized his passion lay in singing.

The Groups this year also prove to be an interesting bunch with mixed boy and girl group Brick City from London, Handsome boy group Kingsland also from London, girl group Xyra, and the talented Code 4 another boy band who impressed the judges this week with their striking dance routine.

As is now something of a tradition on the show, there is also a band made up of singers who originally auditioned separately but who couldn’t quite cut it in the individual boy/ girl solo artist categories. The band has yet to pick a name but if the success of Little Mix is anything to go by these may well be the ones to watch!

The Overs category saw Sam Bailey, a 36 year old prison officer from Leicestershire secure herself a place. Also Joseph Whelan who is not  new to the X factor having lost out in a place last year during bootcamp.

Shelly Smith and Zoe Devlin are both a single mums, Shelley who drives a white van is fought hard to secure a place for the live shows as did the 28 years old part time music teacher Andrea Magee.

Lorna Simpson was the final choice for the overs, having wowed the judges with her alternative version of Whitney Houston’s ‘Dance with Somebody’. She said

‘Every breath and every moment has come to this and I am going to give it everything. I am here to take a seat.’

Finally we have the Girls category which is always an exciting category and one tends to do well in the live shows.

Tamera Foster managed to scrape a place even though she forgot her words at the audition. Relley Clarke was another contestant who only just managed to scrape through having impressed the judges hugely in the room audition yet failed to live up to her reputation when it came to the arena performance. Jade Richards is the third girl to go through. Jade has auditioned for the X Factor a whopping three times, we bet she hopes the phrase ‘third time lucky’ really does ring true.

Abi Alton a 19 year old currently working in Morrison’s was the next contestant through and Melanie Mccabe from Dublin who has auditioned for the X Factor four times impressed the judges with both her singing and her perseverance enough to secure herself a spot.

17 year old Hannah Barrett from South London secured the final seat. In a particularly cruel twist of fate Hannah arrived to do her audition with the 6 places having already been filled. However her emotional performance was so impressive that she got a seat, unfortunately turfing one of the other contestants out of the top spot in the process.

Now the contestants will spend three days at the judges houses with Nicole taking charge of the girls, Louis the boys, Sharon the overs and Gary the groups.

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