Denise Welch from Loose Women is getting married to her manager

Denise Welch and new partner Lincoln Townley on the set of Steel Magnolias at the Richmond Theatre, West London-836353

In the past decade Denise Welch has made herself famous for her drunken nights out, when she fell out of clubs or she flashed her undies. She was a headline-regular when she was married to Benidorm star Tim Healy.  The Loose Women star remained in the limelight afterwards for a series of bust-ups with her fiancé, the 40 year old Lincoln Townley. The two were supposed to get married in July but she cancelled the wedding at some point, but now the ceremony is back on.

Denise talked in an interview for The Sun about their very public rows, saying: It has been embarrassing — everybody has rows but ours are always so public. People think it is down to our 14-year age gap but it isn’t. It’s the pressure of working together and planning a wedding.

She continued, talking about a public fight they had at a cafe last month: We rowed at the cafe because I am quick-tempered .I’d asked Lincoln to email our wedding planner with the names of the children going and he hadn’t. I just flipped. I shouted and stormed off. Then last weekend I went home looking for a chilled night out and Lincoln started talking about work projects he had found for me. I was tired so we rowed. I just didn’t want to talk about work. Before I stormed out I told him, ‘This is never going to f***ing work, I can’t do this anymore. It’s over’.

After two days she calmed down and realised she overreacted and the two got back together. Denise has always lived a public life, and her drinking caused her lots of embarrassments. But she and her partner Lincoln, who is also her manager, have given up drinking in order to make their relationship work.

When Lincoln and I drink, it is very destructive.He stopped drinking shortly after we got together because we had a row and the following morning couldn’t even remember what it was about!,  she said. She went on and admitted: Drink was my friend when I was stressed and down but now I have Lincoln. We are each other’s anchors. There will be booze at the wedding but we won’t touch it. We can’t even have one drink as it always leads to more. It is sad. It p****s me off that we don’t have a normal relationship with alcohol.

She feels very strongly about this relationship, compared to her failed marriage to Tim Healy, and the couple shares a very strong bond. The two will get married in July as planned. I love it that Lincoln loves me so much. I don’t need anybody else when I am with him. We will always have rows, that is part of us. But the making up is lots and lots of fun, she declared.