Coronation Street Star Kim March Raises £20,000 on ITV’s The Cube for Charity

Coronation Street star Kim Marsh got all the way through the £20,000 round in The Cube last weekend. The money goes toward the Muscular Dystrophy Campaign on behalf of Carrieanne North. It’s a wonderful thing that ITV does in hosting shows for charity.

Carrieanne North
Carrieanne North

CORONATION Street star Kym Marsh raised £20,000 for a Golborne schoolgirl’s fund by appearing on a TV game show.

The former Hearsay singer battled The Cube on ITV to raise the money for 10-year-old Carrieanne North.

Her family started the Carrie-on fighting fund for the Muscular Dystrophy Campaign when Carrieanne was diagnosed with a form of the incurable condition.

A charity concert is being held on Saturday for the fund at Golborne Sports Club with acts including the Bran Taylor Trio and Faith performing.

Tickets are £3 and the event starts at 12pm.


Kim Marsh is really good at game shows, isn’t she? She raised 20,000 pounds for the Goldborne family’s fund. Muscular Dystrophy is a debilitating disease that destroys thousands of lives every year. Continued research is needed until a cure is found.