Broadchurch Episode 7 Recap

Broadchurch Episode 7 revealedl the truth about the history of several characters, but it didn’t reveal the biggest mystery of the drama — who killed Danny?  The truth about Hardy and Sandbrook was revealed and we tell you all about it in this article.

Susan’s tragic family past It took a while, but Ellie finally got the truth out of Susan. “You people” destroyed her family, she claimed. Her husband had sex with their oldest daughter, who wanted to protect her younger sister when he went after her, and she ended up dead. When the police investigated, he was arrested and told them that Susan knew—and the police believed him. Susan had been pregnant, and social services took the baby, claiming she wasn’t fit to be a mother. “Death. Once it’s got its claw into you, it never lets go,” she told Ellie. Oh, and that baby who was taken from her? That would be Nige.

More clues about Danny’s death Along with the truth about her family, Susan also revealed what she saw the night of Danny’s death (after lying about seeing his body from the top of the cliff). She had been walking her dog when she saw a man take his body out of a boat and lay it on the beach being leaving: Nige. It was then Nige’s turn to answer some questions when the police brought him in (and found Susan’s dog alive in his backyard). Nige didn’t know he was adopted until Susan showed up and told him she was his mother, and so he didn’t exactly react in the smartest way. He threatened her with a crossbow. But why would she accuse her son of murder? She was scared that he was just like his father and couldn’t let that happen again.

Was she right to be worried about her son? Sort of. He didn’t kill Danny, but he was guilty of a crime. Remember how the series began, with that broken fence and the diesel missing from that tractor? That was Nige. He was catching pheasant to sell since working for Mark wasn’t exactly bringing in the big bucks, and he staged it to make it look like a break-in. But the damage was done, and Hardy left him to break down as he looked over the newspaper clippings that detailed the truth about his family. But why the “sort of” to answer the question at the beginning of this paragraph? After the detectives let them go, Nige waited in Susan’s caravan with an arm around her dog. If she didn’t tell the police she didn’t see him and then leave, he’d gut her dog. She told him she was right. He did have his father in him, and she did see him.

Meanwhile, Beth and Mark sat down for dinner with Chloe and Dean, and after a ___ moment as Dean gave them a stuffed animal for the baby, conversation turned to Nige. Dean didn’t think he could have killed Danny since they got along every time they went out. They were part of Nige’s animal-catching business; Danny had said it was okay and Nige had said that the Latimers knew.

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You’ll have to wait to see who killed Danny as we all are, with baited breath. Broadchurch has matured into a splendid drama with a few of the best actors in the business.